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Notice the Four Major Maintenance Items of Commercial Cool Refrigerators

Notice the Four Major Maintenance Items of Commercial Cool Refrigerators

In order to timely understand our health status, we will check our bodies regularly, but do the commercial cool refrigerators which are often used in our daily life need to have regular checkups? The answer is for sure.


As durable consumer goods, cool refrigerators have long service lives, but if there are small repair problems, the use effect of commercial grade refrigerator will be greatly reduced. Here is some knowledge about the use and maintenance of commercial refrigerators:


1. Attention points of regular clean

Commercial grade refrigerator should be cleaned at least twice a year. When cleaning the refrigerator, cut off the power supply first, then use a soft cloth with water or detergent to scrub the refrigerator gently, and finally wipe off the detergent with water. After cleaning, put the power plug firmly in and check whether the temperature controller is set in the correct position.


2. Attention points of defrosting commercial grade refrigerator

When defrosting refrigerators, many people will use relatively sharp metal devices such as screwdrivers and scraper knives in order to shorten the defrosting time, but it is possible to puncture the inner tank of the refrigerator, which will result in the damage and rust of the evaporator, causing internal leakage of commercial grade fridge and failure in refrigeration.


3. Attention points of reusing refrigerators after a long time

1) Place the refrigerator in a ventilated position and open the door cover to dissipate the odor in the refrigerator.


2) Add the proper amount of neutral detergent into warm water and wipe the liner, door cover, door lining, door seal, and all around the refrigerator. If there are dark stains on the door seal, apply toothpaste to the door seal, and use a soft cloth to wipe repeatedly, then the dark stains can be cleaned up.


3) When cleaning the surface of the exposed condenser with a soft cloth, be careful not to scratch the condenser pipe to avoid refrigerant leakage.


4) Check whether the power supply is normal. If it exceeds the range of 187v-242v, the voltage regulator should be added.


5) The commercial grade fridge needs to run empty for about 2 ~ 4 hours before use. When the temperature in the refrigerator drops significantly, the food that needs to be frozen or refrigerated can be put in.

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