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Power saving tips for daily use of commercial refrigerators

Power saving tips for daily use of commercial refrigerators

1. The food ingredients are stored in order; when the freezer is transferred from the refrigerated state to the frozen state, the refrigerated food should be taken out to avoid freezing damage. Remove the frozen food, balance the empty box for about 1 hour, wipe the inner wall dry, and then put in the frozen food that needs to be refrigerated.

2. The temperature of the freezer should be adjusted; when the temperature outside the cabinet is higher than 25℃, it is recommended to use 4-6 gears; when it is lower than 25℃, it is recommended to use 2-3 gears.

3. The freezer is carefully placed; every time the surrounding temperature of the freezer increases by 4℃, its internal power consumption will increase by 20%; the freezer is placed in a way that is stable, ventilated, protected from light, and remote heat sources, which not only has a long life, but also provides you More power saving!

4. The opening angle of the door should not be large; opening the refrigerator door should not be too large, otherwise the air-conditioning will be lost and the power consumption will increase. If the number of door openings per day is reduced from 8 times to 5 times, a year can save 10-14°C, and the door opening time can be reduced from 50 seconds to 30 seconds, which can save more than 15°C.

5. Food preservation; because some foods are not suitable for storage at too low a temperature, and the temperature of the refrigerator is too low, which will increase the power consumption of the refrigerator.

6. Defrost layer thickness; when the frost layer in the freezer is 5 mm thick, it should be defrosted. If it is not defrosted in time, it will consume a lot of power, so timely defrosting is very important. Frost is a poor conductor of heat. It covers the surface of the evaporator and becomes a heat insulation layer between the evaporator and the food in the box. It affects the heat exchange between the evaporator and the food in the box, making the temperature in the box unable to drop and lowering the freezer. Refrigeration performance, increase power consumption, and even cause the compressor to run for a long time and heat up and burn out.

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