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Power saving tips for fruit preservation cabinets

Power saving tips for fruit preservation cabinets

There are many kinds of fruits, such as citrus, apple, pear, orange, cherry, mangosteen, durian, mango, strawberry, hawthorn, cherry, pomegranate, lychee, etc., which are very common in our daily life, not only rich in many nutrients Material, green and healthy, everyone has their own favorite fruit, which has gradually become one of our daily necessities.

As we all know, it is better to eat fresh fruits, but many fruits are not storage-resistant. Under normal temperature conditions, they are prone to dehydration, wilting, softening and even rotten deterioration. Therefore, many fruit shops and supermarkets will choose Use fruit preservation cabinets to store and display preserved fruits.

For fruit specialty stores and supermarket merchants, fruit fresh-keeping cabinets are indispensable equipment, but the problem of power consumption is a headache for merchants. Daily operation or improper use will increase the power consumption of fruit display cabinets, and even affect it. For its service life, here are some tips for saving electricity in the fruit preservation cabinet:

(1) The placement of the fruit fresh-keeping cabinet is very important. It should be placed in a place with a low ambient temperature and good ventilation effect, and there should be enough space around the fresh-keeping cabinet, not close to the wall, to facilitate heat dissipation during work;

(2) If the construction fresh-keeping cabinet is a fruit display cabinet with a door, it is necessary to reduce the number of door opening and closing times and shorten the door opening time. The more the number of door opening and closing times, the longer the opening time and the more power consumption; if it is an open fruit curtain Cabinet, the transparent night curtain can be pulled out for use at night or when the market is closed to reduce the loss of cold energy, thereby reducing the number of compressor starts, reducing energy consumption, saving energy and saving electricity;

(3) The temperature setting of the fresh-keeping cabinet should be reasonable. The lower the temperature, the more power consumption is required. Therefore, when using the fresh-keeping cabinet, the temperature controller should be adjusted reasonably according to the quantity of fruits stored, the demand for refrigeration, and the season. Gear

(4) When storing fruits, there should be a certain gap to keep the cold air flow in the cabinet smooth, and avoid storing too many fruits at one time, which will affect the refrigeration effect, resulting in an increase in the number of start-ups of the compressor unit and an increase in power consumption;

(5) Clean the fresh-keeping cabinet regularly to remove dust and other impurities on the condenser to avoid affecting heat dissipation and increasing power consumption.

The above are a few power saving tips for fruit preservation cabinets. I hope it will be helpful to you. If you have a need to purchase a preservation cabinet, you are welcome to consult us at any time!

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