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Preparations Before Installing the Built-in Refrigerator

Preparations Before Installing the Built-in Refrigerator

1. Built-in refrigerator is gradually loved by the public

Because of the beauty of built-in refrigerator, dustproof, easy to clean, avant-garde design, high space utilization rate and other advantages, now many merchants are interested in built-in refrigerator, they also hope to use built-in refrigerator. So what should we do before using the built-in refrigerator? Below answer a few questions for everyone, in order to facilitate everyone to do the built-in refrigerator preparation work.

2. A few questions before the installation of built-in refrigerator

Question one: is the space enough to install built-in refrigerator?

The size of built-in refrigerator is very standard and compact commonly, if built-in refrigerator is 1772*540*550mm, both sides do not need to reserve a space and can be able to accomplish complete fit, to reserve 40 mm in the back is enough.This modular size of commercial fridge for restaurant is for better application in the restaurant, so it's not impossible to run out of space.

Question two: if the restaurant space is not just good enough to put one or two built-in refrigerators, is a little extra space a waste?

There is also no need to worry about this point, because generally the dining-room needs a lot of storing space, and the space saved by the built-in refrigerator  just can do a few storage, in this way, unused pots and pans are arranged more orderly.

Questuon three: built-in refrigerator volume is so small, is there any need to do a few more to meet the needs of use?

In fact, this is a mistake, the space occupancy of built-in refrigerator is very low, but the utilization rate is very high, a set of large folio refrigerator can provide at least 516 liters of frozen and refrigerated space, but the floor area only needs 0.6 square meters.This is equivalent to a space utilization ratio of 860 L/m2, and the traditional non-built-in refrigerator can only provide 640 litres/square meters of space occupancy. So don't worry about the storage space of the built-in refrigerator at all.

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