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Product features of industrial refrigerator

Product features of industrial refrigerator

1, the product structure for the vertical box. The main body is divided into four parts: electrical control system, refrigeration system, heating system, display system. Box internal use of high-density polyurethane overall foam, with light weight, good insulation performance and other characteristics. Automatic frost function, suitable for high temperature and high humidity areas, the application of the outer door anti-condensation technology, 85% humidity without condensation imported computer temperature controller, digital display, high precision temperature control, with high and low temperature alarm, temperature sensor failure alarm and safety lock function to prevent accidents.

2, accurate temperature sensor probe, automatic display of the internal temperature of the box, easy to observe the temperature changes in the box at any time. Refrigeration system and heating system is reasonably matched, using forced air circulation to ensure that the constant temperature of the box without dead ends. The cooling or heating speed is fast, and the set temperature can reach the set temperature requirement in a short time. Use three layers of high-strength hollow glass, the middle layer is vacuum treatment, good insulation effect, high transparency, easy to observe the items stored inside the box at any time.

3, the use of new fully enclosed high-grade compressor, balanced operation, low noise, long service life. This product is embedded thermostat box, the product can be directly embedded in the closet or wall, does not take up extra space. The box is made of high quality steel plate, with advanced anticorrosive spraying technology and soft surface color, and the internal compartment can be widened and narrowed at will, which is convenient for storing different items. The interior of the box has lighting facilities, convenient for night observation of stored items

4, accept the first circular arc plan in the sea, the outer box body accept high quality steel plate, the surface electrostatic spraying disposal, the box door for the three-layer vacuum glass, without affecting the temperature conditions inside the box, easy for users to inspect the box items. High stability: the use of microcomputer control, constant temperature, small fluctuation range.

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