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Reach In Freezer

Reach In Freezer

BESTTOP reach in refrigerator designed using the highest quality materials and components to provide the user with colder product temperatures, lower utility costs, exceptional food safety, and the best value in today's food service marketplace.

Overview of Commercial Reach In Freezer

By keeping food at the temperature you want, reach in freezer can not only extend the life of fresh food but also store ready-made products. There are many kinds of reach in freezers, and we offer commercial grade freezer, commercial vertical freezer, commercial stainless steel freezers with compartments, which can be selected according to the storage space needed. If you are looking for durable reach in freezers, you can mainly look at materials such as stainless steel and aluminum, which are more suitable for daily use for a long time. You can also choose between top-mounted and bottom-mounted compressors. The top installation is easy to clean and not easy to clog, while the bottom installation of the compressor is easy to cool the equipment. You can also choose from other features, including stainless steel freezer with LED lighting, self-cleaning condensers, and shallow depth.

Reach In Freezer List

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What To Look For In Industrial And Commercial Reach In Freezer

You need to consider whether to store food only or show it to customers, as well as the amount of food you need to store, determine the size and material of the refrigerator, and choose glass doors or solid doors for different types of food. Removable washers lock cold air inside and door washers that are easy to disassemble to speed up cleaning and disinfection. Newer models of Reach Ins are equipped with digital thermostats, which provide more accurate readings for temperature monitoring and adjustment, thereby reducing service costs.

Features of reach in freezer 

-stainless steel doors are equipped 

-adjustable shelves

-stainless steel floor with coved comers make interior easy to keep clean 

-temperature range

-stainless steel, self-closing doors with recessed handles

-easy to clean

-preserve energy efficiency and reduce wear and tear 

-air guards prevent product from blocking airflow

Maintenance of reach in freezer

-Place correctly the reach in freezer. Commercial grade freezer should be placed on a flat surface, and to cool and ventilate, not lying across or put into the sun refraction place. Commercial grade freezer should be surrounded by no items blocking heat dissipation. And the top of the freezer can not put things.

-Temperature adjustment: commercial grade upright freezer can be adjusted according to the four seasons temperature changes to adjust the temperature to minimize the power and to reduce the load of the commercial freezer compressor.

-Commercial cooler food needs to be cooled before it can be put into, and should not be put into too much at once. Air-cooled commercial freezer air outlet should not be placed too much food, to prevent blocking the air outlet.

-Opening and closing the door of commercial grade upright freezer: reduce times of opening and closing the door as possible. And open or close the door time as short as possible, in order to prevent the cabinet of cold gas overflow cabinet outside the hot air into, which results in increased power consumption, compressor work time longer.

-Out of use: if the commercial grade upright freezer needs to stop using. First of all, according to the above cleaning measures, clean the freezer and wait for complete drying. Then, stop using at least once or twice a month after the power to make the commercial grade upright freezer run about ten minutes.

The above is about the commercial freezer maintenance. Through these measures, we use the commercial freezer to better and longer.

How many selections of reach in freezer are available?

BESTTOP offers seven kinds of reach in freezers for different demands. Single door reach in freezer is good for kitchens for small space storage. As for more storage, 2 door reach in freezer is appropriate. However, if you want a higher volume of storage and extra space, 3 door reach in freezer is a best choice. Glass door reach in freezer is the best choice for the preservation of fruits and vegetables in the kitchen. With heated glass and frame, different size for choice. Also, there are single door, double door and three door models.

These products are all available to best fit your needs.

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