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Under Counter Freezer Drawers

Under Counter Freezer Drawers

Under counter freezer drawers stainless steel drawers are capable of complete retraction, to economize working surface. Other drawer configurations are also available upon request.

STANDARD FEATURES of Under Counter Freezer Drawers:

• BESTTOP under counter drawers with high functionality for a professional kitchen.

• Ventilated cooling drawers.

• Stainless steel drawers with perforated bottom plates and telescopic sliding guides.

• Other drawer configurations are also available upon request.

• Stable operation at an ambient temperature of 43 degrees Celsius. Climate Class 5.

• Temperature range of -5˚C to 8˚C on refrigerators and -18˚C to -22˚C on freezers.

OPTIONAL FEATURES of Under Counter Freezer Drawers:

• Adjustable legs.

• Caster Wheels

• Number of drawers

Under Counter Freezer Drawers Specifications:

ModelCooling typeClassificationCabinet DimensionsNet Volume   (liters)RefrigerantTemperature(℃)Power(W)

Purchasing Tips on Under Counter Freezer Drawers

When you purchase an under counter freezer drawer, you can refer to these tips under below.

Specification selection. Most models of double drawers divide the two drawers into fresh and frozen parts, and you can choose to buy single-layer or double-layer Under Counter Freezer Drawers, according to the needs of users. if you need two functions, then choosing a double-layer will achieve a high performance-to-price ratio. 

Design selection. Under Counter Freezer Drawers is better if it can be in line with the overall decoration style as far as possible, which will make it more harmonious with the whole space, and if it is for commercial use, it will enhance the customer's sense of experience. 

Material selection. For the material of the Freezer Drawers, you can choose stainless steel or glass doors and other options, mainly considering whether the person who wants to take the food can see the inside of the freezer directly. In addition, the lights in the refrigerator can also be selected according to the needs.

Undercounter Refrigerator Drawers & Undercounter Freezer Drawers

Install refrigerator drawers or freezer drawers under the counter in the kitchen to increase freezer space. Most double-drawer models split the two drawers into fresh and frozen sections. However, we have drawers under the counter freezer and under the counter refrigerator, with single-layer and double-layer designs for those who only need fresh or frozen storage. Their small size makes them easy to adapt to your existing layout and perfectly matches the appearance of other cabinets.

Under Counter Freezer Drawers FAQs

Can you use a freezer without the drawers?

Yes. I can use a large plastic box as a drawer. Because the refrigerator is more cost-effective when it is full, having a plastic drawer lid means you can make full use of the entire refrigerator space, which can be filled directly to the edge of the refrigerator, and the food will not fall off when you open the refrigerator.

Can you replace freezer drawers?

Often the drawers are supplied in two parts the front and the drawing body. It is very difficult for freezer drawers to be replaced without further damage to, the best way to replace baskets when clicked together.

How do I maximize my freezer space?

To increase your refrigerator space, freeze everything in different bags and separate each bag with cardboard. Frozen food can be easily stacked vertically, it will look much cleaner, and the food will be easier to get.

Under Counter Freezer Drawers Detail Display

Castors With Brake
Castors With Brake
Digital Thermostat
Digital Thermostat
Height-adjustable Stainless Steel Feet
Height-adjustable Stainless Steel Feet
Removable Back Panel
Removable Back Panel
Stainless Steel Drawers With Perforated
Stainless Steel Drawers With Perforated
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