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Under Counter Freezer

Under Counter Freezer

BESTTOP commercial under counter freezer designed using the highest quality materials and components to provide the user with colder product temperatures, lower utility costs, exceptional food safety, and the best value in today's foodservice marketplace.

Under Counter Freezer Overview

Under counter freezer can be installed tightly under the standard kitchen countertop. Usually, the size of under counter freezer is same as a standard dishwasher. Although it is small, it can perform all the functions of a large under counter freezer or a larger freezer, except for a different number of items. In configuration, under counter freezer can have two or three drawers that can be opened like cabinet drawers in most kitchens. Food is kept in each drawer and can be retrieved relatively easily when needed. The configuration of the drawer allows the owner to put meat, vegetables, and fruit sundries in different drawers. The movable shelves inside can help users organize frozen food flexibly.

Under Counter Freezer List

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Under Counter Freezers VS Chest Freezers 

Under Counter Freezers is installed at the bottom of the counter, so it is not opened from the top, but is generally opened from the front, where the food stored can be intuitively displayed, easy to find and take, and generally has blocks and classification, and can be freely installed drawers, mostly for entertainment places and families, with various styles and can match the overall decoration style. 

Chest freezers are generally used to store excess food in garages, workshops, or laboratories. They are wide and short and need to be opened from the top, so you need to look at the bottom at a glance. It is not easy to find food if it is too deep. 

Also because the general chest freezers do not have extra blocks, so it is generally used to store large, do not need too much finishing of food, not suitable for daily use. 

It is difficult to find specific items.

Things to Consider Before buying Under Counter Freezers


The size of the refrigerator mainly depends on the size of the kitchen and the amount of food to be stored and needs to be measured and estimated in advance to prevent insufficient space or food that cannot be properly stored. 

2.Freezing technology 

That is, the speed of freezing, if the refrigerator can quickly cool down, then it locks in nutrition and keeps all the food delicious. 

3.Frost freezer 

Let the cold air circulate around constantly, so as to prevent icing, there is no need for defrosting, and the food can be used without going into the hole when it is taken out, which can reduce the time cost. 

4.Energy rating

For the catering industry, refrigerators need to run for a long time, so energy efficiency is very important. If less energy is needed, buying high-end refrigerators can reduce costs from a long-term development point of view.

What is the best under counter freezer?

BESTTOP offer the best under counter freezer for sale to meet your different demands. Here are several products you can click to find details.

2 Door Undercounter Freezer

3 Door Undercounter Freezer

GN 1/1 Pan Under Counter Freezer

Working Principle of Under Counter Chiller

Under Counter Chiller is a kind of cooling water equipment that can provide constant temperature, constant flow and constant pressure. The working principle of the under counter chiller is to inject a certain amount of water into the machine tank first, and then cool the water through the chiller refrigeration system, and then send the low-temperature cooling water to the equipment to be cooled by the pump. The chilled water of the under counter chiller will take away the heat and then the temperature will rise and flow back to the tank, and then cool the water through the refrigeration system.

Tips of Selective Purchasing Counter Freezer Commercial

1.Usage: as a backup or main use

Standby application: single temperature control and one storage room

Main application: ordinary set-double temperature control and two storage rooms

Main application: high-end set-vertical, multi-temperature control, tiered

2.How large capacity counter freezer commercial is needed?

Ensure your space utilization.

3.Prefer to defrost function freezer

Horizontal freezer structure increases the difficulty of cleaning. When defrosting, you should take all the items out, increasing bending actions, which would make people feel tired.

Purchase Note of Choosing Counter Freezer Commercial 

Priority to buy multi-temperature control refrigeration and freezing conversion cabinet, a machine for multiple uses-to refrigerate all refrigerated, to freeze all frozen.

Cautiously consider buying double-door freezer refrigerator double cycle freezer cabinet, unless you buy a particularly large, otherwise the capacity of refrigeration and freezing are limited. In contrast to buy vertical commercial refrigerator is more cost-effective

Do not greed for convenience to buy a cabinet dual-temperature home commercial dual-use machine

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