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Refrigerated display cabinet lamp is not bright enough solution

Refrigerated display cabinet lamp is not bright enough solution

Netizen question.

In the convenience store supermarket use refrigerated display cabinet always feel not too bright, as shown in the figure below, the cabinet is relatively gray, and other stores are brighter effect is too much, want to ask whether there is a good solution.


Traditional energy-saving lamps and incandescent lamps in the use of a period of time will be aging, the brightness of the lamp will reduce the light will also be transformed from white to yellow and dark yellow, this time to bring the display effect is much worse, there are also some refrigerated cabinet lamp placement is not quite right will also cause the light is not effective lighting. Solutions can refer to the following.

1, replace the lighting effect better, longer life led lamps.

2, change the layout of the store, the top shelf in the refrigerated cabinet projection, etc., to increase the lighting effect.

3, the use of the process please regularly clean the glass door of the display cabinet to avoid its blocking the light of lighting.

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