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Refrigerated display cabinet refrigeration system clogging how to do?

Refrigerated display cabinet refrigeration system clogging how to do?

Refrigeration display cabinet due to system leakage or and caused by the compressor does not stop, not refrigeration, poor refrigeration effect and other phenomena, is a common failure of the refrigerated display cabinet, due to maintenance errors caused by the system blockage is also a common failure.

First, the refrigeration display cabinet refrigeration system blockage is generally dirty plug and ice plug, oil plug failure is rare.

Dirty plug is due to impurities in the refrigeration system, when they are in the refrigerant cycle, the capillary tube or filter drier blockage. Ice blockage is caused by the moisture in the refrigeration system, R12 itself contains certain moisture, plus the process of vacuuming in the maintenance is not strict, fluoride process into the moisture, there is water in the compressor because of the leakage, when the compressor high temperature refrigerant has liquid to gaseous state, so that the moisture with the circulation of refrigerant into the thin and long capillary tube. When each kilogram of refrigerant contains more than 20 milligrams of water, the dry silicon particles inside the filter reach saturation and can no longer absorb water, then when the capillary outlet temperature is below zero, the water will be separated from the refrigerant and condensed in the capillary outlet, forming an ice jam.

Dirty plugging and ice plugging can be divided into full plugging and half plugging, and the failure phenomenon is that the evaporator does not frost or frost is not satisfied, the condenser wait for high temperature, hand touch the filter drier or condenser no temperature, cut the process tube has a large amount of gas spray, proving that the system circulation is not smooth.

After the formation of ice blockage, compressor exhaust resistance increases, condenser is not hot, heating evaporator for a period of time, and can work normally, but in a period of continuous work failure reappears, which is the characteristics of ice blockage.

Second, refrigerated display cabinet refrigeration system leakage, most of which occurs in the evaporator, condenser, anti-dew tube, etc.

There is a welded joint, the general refrigerator freezer are made of aluminum materials and flow tie steel pipe, poor production process, poor quality materials, in the use of the process of a long pause, no cleaning and drying process, was oxidation rot, leakage, but also due to improper use, in the cleanup and handling caused by vibration and collision causes of leakage. Leakage of the refrigeration system, manifested as: cooling effect decline, not cooling, etc.. So in the inspection of such failure only by compressor does not stop, not refrigeration, poor refrigeration effect to determine the refrigeration system is blocked or leakage of its reasons are not sufficient, should be based on the specific phenomenon analysis to identify.

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