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Refrigeration fridge using copper or aluminum galvanized tube is good?

Refrigeration fridge using copper or aluminum galvanized tube is good?

For freezer fridges, cold storage and other refrigeration equipment, piping is an indispensable accessory, we all know that the refrigeration system is the core component of the compressor, the need to use high-quality brand compressor, but many times will ignore the similar copper tube such an insignificant part. For users, the new freezer cabinet using copper or aluminum tubes can be normal refrigeration, there is no difference. Then the freezer cabinet using copper tube or aluminum tube is good? In fact, the difference is very big, the following reasons.

From the thermal conductivity, copper tube to obviously have in aluminum or galvanized tube, so that copper in the refrigeration system for heat exchange or heat conduction better; and aluminum or galvanized tube thermal conductivity is poor, the performance is not as good as copper. From the aspect of corrosion resistance, copper is also significantly better than aluminum or galvanized tube, for the use of copper refrigeration cabinet, not easy to appear refrigerant leakage and not refrigeration, can be used for a long time, but aluminum or galvanized tube, the use of 1, 2 years may be corrosive leakage. Because the cabinet body and insulation layer, so once the corrosion leakage, it is difficult to repair, the whole freezer may be scrapped.

From the above points of performance comparison can be seen, copper pipe has obvious advantages, so the freezer cabinet using copper pipe good. But copper also has its own disadvantages, that is, the price will be higher than aluminum or galvanized pipe. So only the regular refrigeration equipment manufacturers, will use copper, and small manufacturers of freezer products, in order to reduce costs to low impact on the market, will choose aluminum or galvanized pipe to replace the copper, the life of this freezer products may only be 1, 2 years, if coupled with other refrigeration accessories, the entire freezer products than the regular refrigeration equipment manufacturers produce freezers will be cheaper by hundreds or even on Thousands of dollars. So users in the choice of freezer products, be sure to choose the formal refrigeration equipment manufacturers. In the choice of freezer, consider the price at the same time, but also to consider the quality of the product. Low price has a low price reason, high price has a high price reason.

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