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Refrigerator electronic temperature control and mechanical temperature control have what advantages and disadvantages

Refrigerator electronic temperature control and mechanical temperature control have what advantages and disadvantages

Mechanical temperature control refers to the mechanical way (usually metal expansion thermostat) to adjust the refrigerator refrigeration a temperature control method, this way is used earlier, the system is relatively simple, to ensure that the food does not deteriorate, but the temperature is not stable, can not fully meet the preservation needs.

And electronic temperature control, generally programmable (single microprocessor) IC as the core, with thermal components for the temperature sensor; with a button or potentiometer as the parameter setting input; with a relay or optical isolation solid switch as the implementation of components; with light-emitting secondary tube, digital tube or LCD board as the display components and other hardware components.

Comparison of advantages and disadvantages.

Advantages of mechanical temperature control.

First, the structure is simple, the cost is low, mechanical temperature control refrigerator is affordable.

Second, due to the simple structure, the temperature controller is strong and durable, high stability, while maintenance is simple and low cost.

Third, the operation process without electricity, relatively speaking, more energy-saving power saving.

Disadvantages of mechanical temperature control.

A, temperature control accuracy inferior to the computer temperature control system, refrigeration, freezing can not be independent temperature control.

Second, mechanical temperature control refrigerator can not achieve real independent refrigeration system, there are food string taste problems.

Third, the convenience of operation is poor, need to open the refrigerated cabinet to complete the operation.

Advantages of computer-controlled temperature.

First, you can independently control the temperature, set the specific temperature, temperature control more accurate.

Second, computer-controlled refrigerator can achieve independent refrigeration system, so that the refrigerator refrigeration effect is better, while eliminating the problem of food crosstalk.

Third, the operation is simple, LCD display is clear and concise.

Disadvantages of computer-controlled temperature.

First, the cost is higher, the price of refrigerated cabinets high.

Second, the structure is complex, maintenance difficulties, higher costs.

Third, the need for independent power supply, increasing energy consumption.

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