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Refrigerator freezer temperature high prone to the phenomenon or failure

Refrigerator freezer temperature high prone to the phenomenon or failure

Freezer temperature high prone to the phenomenon

Refrigerator refrigeration compressor exhaust temperature is the temperature of the refrigerant at the exhaust valve, in order to ensure the safe operation of the compressor, the provisions of the R12 device exhaust temperature can not exceed 130 ℃, R22 and ammonia systems can not exceed 50 ℃. The exhaust temperature is too high, which will cause the lubricating oil to reduce the viscosity due to the increase of temperature, making the lubrication effect worse and causing damage to the running parts. When the exhaust gas temperature rises close to the flash point of the lubricant, it is not easy to be dangerous, and the exhaust gas temperature is much higher than the condensing temperature.

Cold cabinet temperature is high in two cases: First, the refrigerant leakage fluorine and no refrigerant cold cabinet has been working, but the temperature inside the cabinet can not be reduced. Too long, the loss of food inside the cabinet is serious, please fix it in real time will be. As usual, it is not only a new freezer, but usually in the half frost cold room to give you this feeling is always very slow. The other half is frost free and thicker on the frost side. The freezer has not frosted for a long time. At this point, there may be a few points of water balloons present and the temperature inside the cabinet is high.

Such a freezer is usually difficult to repair. It is difficult to find a leak for a long time after repair, because it is difficult to find the leak. The second cause of high temperature is evaporator frost, this situation is mainly air-cooled freezers, this type of freezer needs an evaporator, if not loss of frost in this evaporator, it will block the air passage. The cold will not be emitted and the freezer cannot be cooled. This situation may be due to a problem with the defrost system, or due to a problem with the defrost timer or a damaged heating tube.

1. The compressor will not start. If there is no power in the freezer and the internal indicator light may turn on, then you can close the door of the freezer. If the freezer declares that there is power, if the light does not light up, check if the main power is on and then make sure that the fuse of the freezer is not all the freezer. Is there a problem with the contact of the thermostat?

2. The compressor may be burned out, the motor coil is blown, and the starter can be checked. When the overheat shield is running, you must wait a while for the compressor temperature to start dropping.

3. The problem occurs because the thermostat can not be reset, because the contacts are sintered to each other and can not be separated.

4. The frost inside the freezer is too thick and the thermal resistance is large, which affects the conduction of cold air.

5, the freezer is not correctly placed or condenser ash accumulation is too thick, thus affecting the condenser heat dissipation.

6, the charge of refrigeration system is too much, the compressor work load is heavy, the condenser is hot on the upper side, the lower side is close to room temperature. Refrigerant charge too much caused in the evaporator can not be fully evaporated, resulting in the evaporator cooling capacity decline, if the process pipe mouth connected to the pressure table check, can be found in low pressure than the normal value.

Refrigerator refrigeration compressor suction temperature is the temperature of the refrigerant at the inhalation valve. In order to ensure the safe operation of the compressor, to prevent the liquid shock cylinder phenomenon. The suction temperature should be a little higher than the evaporation temperature, which means that the refrigerant gas becomes superheated gas, with a certain degree of superheat. In general, there is no gas-liquid subcooler.

In the refrigeration Freon system, the suction gas temperature should be 5℃ higher than the evaporation temperature, and the suction gas superheat degree is appropriate. For ammonia refrigeration device, the suction superheat degree is generally 5~10℃, the suction superheat degree is too large or too small should be avoided, if the superheat degree is too large, it will make the refrigeration capacity drop, the exhaust temperature rise, the power consumption increase, if the superheat degree is too small, it is easy to produce the liquid strike cylinder phenomenon.

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