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Selection Guide for Commercial Refrigerators

Selection Guide for Commercial Refrigerators

With the advent of summer, the frequency of use of refrigerators has greatly increased, and commercial refrigerators are indispensable equipment for supermarkets, convenience stores, cake shops, restaurant kitchens, and shopping malls. Many stores don’t know how to choose a freezer. Not only does it have a large space, but it also needs to have good performance. Today I will teach you how to choose a freezer from these aspects!


1. Pay attention to preservation

Although the freezer is no longer a simple "food cooler", the core function of the freezer is to keep fresh. Therefore, in the freezer purchase, the freezing power of the freezer must be increased to a certain height. In terms of refrigeration control, the BESTTOP series of freezers are the first negative temperature freezers in the industry, creating the best ice and refreshing taste of beer and beverages.

2. Energy saving and power saving

The working mode of commercial refrigerators is generally all-weather operation, and the current consumption of frozen products on the market is generally high, which makes many businesses feel pressured. In order to save costs to the greatest extent and reduce unnecessary expenditures, businesses must pay attention to the energy-saving and power-saving effects of the freezer products they use. BESTTOP commercial refrigerators have an air-cooled frost-free system and have passed energy-consumption and energy-saving certification, which saves 80% of energy compared to similar products.

3. Product capacity

There are at least thousands of large and small commercial refrigerators in the market. The refrigerators are bought for your own use, so you must choose them according to your needs. BESTTOP provides commercial refrigerators of various sizes and different functions to provide merchants with solutions for different scenarios.

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