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Several Common Misconceptions about Using Freezers

Several Common Misconceptions about Using Freezers

1. Freshness preservation and refrigeration are two distinct concepts

Many people confuse freshness preservation with refrigeration when they use reach in freezers. The refrigerant preservation only postpones the material degradation, but can’t solve the spoiling in essence. Keeping fresh can guarantee the quality of material, that is, original ecology, fresh and authentic taste. But it's not suitable for long-term storage; Refrigeration, on the other hand, stops the material from degrading, allowing it to be stored for a long time. For the merchant, they can avoid the trouble of slow sales, but also can earn more profits through the wrong season.

2. Unreasonable temperature control

Most supermarkets turn the single glass door freezer commercial up in order to save electricity costs, causing bad taste of food.

3. Take for that thing put in the freezer will not spoil

Quite a few people place fresh, fruits, vegetables, and raw pasta directly in the reach in freezer which will be thawed before consumption. Actually, it is wrong for the fresh fruits and vegetables put in the freezer mostly are either frost or spoiled. These are all the wrong conceptions about freshness preservation.

4. Lack of cognition for freshness preservation

Fruits and vegetables in different climatic zones have distinct requirements and adaptability on temperature. Besides, there is a big difference between the insulation requirements of different fruits and vegetables. Generally speaking, the temperature below the freezer is lower than that of the upper.

5. Differences between primary taste and frozen food

Primary taste is the original taste and flavor which needs a fresh-keeping cabinet to get a purer taste because of the temperature difference and climatic features. Cold food means changing food flavor. The food at different temperatures will generate different tastes and flavors. Cold food offers an opportunity to enjoy distinctive flavors.

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