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Several common situations in freezer operation!

Several common situations in freezer operation!

As a commercial refrigeration appliance, the freezer will inevitably have some small faults or other minor problems that need our attention during the operation of the freezer. So what should we pay attention to about these minor problems?

1. Once the freezer is activated, it is best to use it continuously.

2. In the rainy and humid season, the temperature is high, the surface of the freezer may condense, just wipe it off with a dry cloth.

3. When the freezer is working, the metal surface around the cabinet will heat up, and the compressor will heat up and even feel hot, which is a normal phenomenon.

4. When the freezer is working, it is normal for the refrigerant to make a slight sound of water flowing in the pipeline.

5. When the compressor starts and stops, the switch parts will make a slight impact, which is a normal phenomenon.

These common phenomena in the use of refrigerators are generally normal. Users do not need to be too nervous. Knowing these phenomena, they can use the refrigerator with peace of mind during use!


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