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Several considerations for kitchen design layout

Several considerations for kitchen design layout

There are various kitchen layouts, but the prerequisites that must be met are: compliance with the relevant regulations of the fire protection, sanitation and environmental assessment departments. How should the design and layout of the kitchen equipment of the unit canteen be done specifically? Jinyang kitchenware suggestion can be understood from the kitchen layout, equipment, kitchenware, wall and floor.

1. Design and layout of kitchen equipment in unit canteen

The layout of the Shenzhen kitchen design needs to comply with the food processing flow: storage, rough processing, non-staple food processing room, staple food processing room, cold dish room, meal room, dishwashing and disinfection room, etc. The layout of the kitchen should be compact, reduce the operating distance, can meet the sharing of equipment or centralized disposal of garbage, and be more efficient. It is also necessary to comply with the order of each job position to prevent the intersection of personnel work processes, and separate entrances and exits for personnel and materials and garbage should be set up.

2. The equipment setting of the unit canteen kitchen

The kitchen equipment is placed in accordance with the operating procedures to avoid cross-fighting and improve work efficiency. At the same time, pay attention to the characteristics of the equipment. For example, the electrical equipment should not be placed in an environment that is too humid or corrosive; the stove should not be set up at the door or window to prevent the flame from being blown by the wind and cause danger; the use of gas equipment should pay attention to leakage problems. In addition, heating equipment and refrigeration equipment should be placed together as much as possible to avoid energy waste. The heating equipment that easily produces oily fume and steam should be discharged together to facilitate centralized exhaust fume and reduce energy consumption.

3. The setting and placement of kitchen utensils in the unit canteen

Kitchen utensils, such as utensils, knives, etc. used in each work position, should be placed in accordance with the chef's operating habits, and placed in a fixed order every day for easy access.

Kitchen utensils should be cleaned in time, drain racks should be placed next to the sink, and cookware racks should be installed in places where they are frequently used. It is best to hang it, which saves space on the countertop, and facilitates the natural drying of the kitchen utensils and maintains hygiene.

4. The floor and wall of the unit canteen kitchen

The most important safety and sanitation aspects of the unit canteen kitchen also require the cooperation of the ground and the walls. The floor needs to be made of non-slip tiles, anti-corrosion, and easy to clean; the walls are covered with smooth white tiles or other light-colored tiles to match the indoor light and easy to clean. Usually, the kitchen of the unit canteen usually has fast food seats, and the supporting facilities include supermarkets, fruit shops, beverage shops, etc. These supporting facilities are concentrated next to the restaurant to facilitate people's consumption. In the design of the canteen kitchen, decorations are usually not suitable for reasons such as oil smoke, electricity, and fire. Designers can try to make the shape and placement of various equipment look more beautiful when designing.

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