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Steps of meat food into commercial freezer

Steps of meat food into commercial freezer

Meat food into the fruit preservation cabinet, usually need to pre-cooling disinfection, temperature control and humidity control.

(1), pre-cooling, pre-cooling is a cooling method for food before long-distance transportation or refrigeration. Its requirement is to quickly reduce the food to be stored to the specified temperature. This is an important measure to maintain the quality of transported food and extend its storage life. Pre-cooling is usually carried out in fruit preservation cabinets and pre-cooling rooms. Commonly used pre-cooling methods are natural air cooling, ventilation cooling, vacuum cooling and cold water cooling. After pre-cooling treatment, the food should be stored quickly in a low-temperature environment.

(2), the allowable range of temperature changes and storage period, the temperature inside the refrigerator can not be constant in a certain temperature value, because the performance of the refrigerator, storage capacity and internal and external temperature difference will make the fruit preservation cabinet temperature fluctuations in a certain range. Generally speaking, food storage at lower temperatures, the smaller the range of change, the better, in favor of food preservation, to prevent loss and low temperature physiological diseases.

(3) temperature control, different foods have different appropriate refrigeration temperature. The temperature of the fruit preservation box and the food after storage are affected by a variety of factors, such as the difference between the food temperature and storage temperature when stored, the efficiency and storage capacity of the refrigerator, the air circulation during storage, stacking methods, food varieties and maturity, etc.. Storage should be reasonably stacked and the storage temperature should be adjusted according to the actual situation. Before storage, the method of gradual temperature rise should be used to avoid excessive temperature difference between inside and outside.

(4) humidity control: due to the large amount of heat absorption of the fruit preservation cabinet is absorbed by the evaporator, fruit preservation cabinet often frost, frost constantly melting, making the humidity in the storage room is often lower than the humidity requirements of food storage. The humidity in the fruit preservation cabinet can be adjusted by increasing the evaporator area, reducing frost, installing spraying equipment or automatic humidifier. In addition, when the relative humidity in the storage room increases due to the frequent entry and exit of goods, a moisture absorber can be installed to absorb moisture.

(5) When warehousing, volatile, fishy food and food requiring different storage temperatures should be stored in a special warehouse and not mixed. Quick-frozen food with corruption or odor should not be stored. The warehouse should be selected according to the natural properties of the food and the temperature and humidity required by the fruit preservation cabinet, and the temperature and humidity in the warehouse should be kept stable.

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