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Structural characteristics of vertical refrigerated display cabinets

Structural characteristics of vertical refrigerated display cabinets

The shopping environment of a large supermarket has a great influence on customer perception and shopping behavior. Only by optimizing the retail environment of large supermarkets can the consumption demands of customers be met, thereby increasing the profits of large supermarkets.

Freezers, refrigerators, and display cabinets are essential electrical appliances for large supermarkets. In the design and development process of BESTTOP commercial refrigerators, the retail environment of large supermarkets and the value perceived by customers are fully considered. Functionality is integrated, and it can show the style and strength of the business to the greatest extent, beautify the business environment, bring aesthetic pleasure to customers and stimulate the desire to buy.

In terms of materials, BESTTOP refrigerated display cabinets are made of high-quality stainless steel, which looks trendy, beautiful and luxurious, and is convenient for users to clean. In terms of detailed design, the single-door refrigerated display cabinet is changed to adopt a door lock design, which is practical, convenient and safe. The glass door is designed with anti-condensation, which can absorb water vapor and keep beer and beverages refreshed at all times. The shelf can be adjusted arbitrarily, which has a higher space utilization rate; the compressor is used, which has high efficiency and low noise. The lighting in the box is a common light box lamp, which saves energy and reduces consumption, and the lighting is good without occupying space. Adjustable low feet, stable placement and easier movement.

In terms of energy saving, the BESTTOP single-door refrigerated display cabinet is a national first-class energy efficiency, which saves customers from electricity costs and achieves the purpose of increasing income and reducing expenditure.

Combining the needs of users for the freezer to highlight the brand display, the clear brand advertising display and excellent product performance are integrated. In the research and development design of the refrigerated display cabinet, the overall light box and the overall door frame design are boldly adopted to make the entire cabinet body The appearance is fashionable and luxurious, which makes the brand's display effect appear incisively and vividly.

Technically, BESTTOP refrigerated display cabinets adopt an optimized return air dew system, taking into account dew removal and energy consumption, the cold air circulation in the cabinet is even and stable; in terms of humanized design, the bottom of the refrigerated display cabinet is moved by universal wheels. Convenient and labor-saving, the height of the shelf can be adjusted arbitrarily, the space utilization rate is high, and it is convenient and practical.

In appearance, BESTTOP refrigerated display cabinet adopts European-style appearance design, which is fashionable and beautiful, which enhances the attractiveness to consumers. In the application of energy-saving technology, Aucma refrigerated display cabinets are energy-saving masters, using optimized energy-saving technology to achieve primary and secondary efficiency, saving money for supermarket users and realizing their benefits.

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