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Structural characteristics of vertical refrigerator

Structural characteristics of vertical refrigerator

Structural Features

1. High efficiency unit, split design, truly low noise, high energy efficiency, environmental protection and energy saving

2. Microcomputer automatic temperature control technology, easier to operate, more accurate temperature control

3. Dipping plastic isolated storage shelves, items stored more simple, more beautiful display effect

4. Integral foam technology, environmental protection foam material, more energy-saving, more durable

5. Luxury transparent light box, free to change the screen, all-round three-dimensional display

6. Aluminum alloy door frame design, easy to clean, not deformed, beautiful and generous appearance

7. Pure copper tube evaporator, fast cooling speed, long service life

8. Full air-cooled refrigeration mode, more uniform cooling, faster speed

9. Wide climate zone, wide voltage zone, wide range of application, use more assured


Note 1: temperature changes, timely adjustment of the thermostat gear or temperature settings. The general rule is: 5 ~ 7 gears in winter (temperature 2 ~ 4 ℃), 1 ~ 3 gears in summer (temperature 6 ~ 8 ℃).

Note 2: Do not place electrical appliances, voltage regulators or glassware and other items on the refrigerated cabinet.

Note 3: low temperature compensation switch to be adjusted with the ambient temperature: ring temperature below 16 ℃ when open, otherwise close.

Note 4: The temperature around the refrigerated cabinet should be appropriate, not too high, and not less than 5 ℃.

Main uses

Vertical refrigerated cabinets are widely used in: supermarkets, convenience stores, various hotels, hotels, restaurants, Chinese and Western restaurants, shopping malls, hospitals, pharmacies, institutions, stores, school canteens, cake houses, bakeries, bars, cafes, juice cold drink stores, beer houses, night stalls, tea and fruit, agricultural products wholesale market, laboratories, etc., is the above comprehensive places refrigerated frozen display food and beverage equipment.

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