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Taboos for storing items in the freezer

Taboos for storing items in the freezer

Precautions for storing food in the freezer

1. First of all, you must remember not to put hot food in the freezer, so as not to affect the use of the freezer, and cause the temperature in the freezer to be affected, the compressor will start to cool down, and the hot food will be put in this way for a long time. Storage in the freezer will cause the compressor of the freezer to be affected, which will shorten the service life of the compressor.

2.It is very important to remember this. Whether it is a domestic refrigerator or a commercial catering equipment fridge, you must not store medicines. If it is not a professional medicine refrigerator, it will not reach the storage temperature of the medicines, which will cause problems with the medicines and affect the use. The breakage flowing into the freezer will also affect other food in the freezer.


3. Do not put beverages or objects in bottled glass bottles into the freezer to avoid freezing and cracking the glass bottles, which may cause danger. It is better to put them in the refrigerated and fresh-keeping cabinet. This will not only ensure that the glass bottles are not broken, but also ensure that the beverages are not broken. Cool and delicious.

4. Food should not be mixed raw and cooked to maintain hygiene. According to the food storage time and temperature requirements, use the space in the box rationally. Do not put the food directly on the surface of the evaporator, but put it in a container to avoid freezing on the evaporator and inconvenience to take it out.

5. The food in the freezer should not be stored too much, ensure that there is space, ensure the air flow in the freezer, and ensure the fresh quality of the food, so that to a certain extent, the freezer can reduce the refrigeration pressure and extend the service life.

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