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The characteristics of refrigerants used in freezers

The characteristics of refrigerants used in freezers

Many refrigerants in freezers have different characteristics. The biggest advantage of refrigerants is that they have zero potential to destroy the ozone layer and can meet environmental requirements. But on the other hand, the refrigerant has small molecules, light molecular weight, strong permeability, and is very easy to absorb water and insoluble with mineral oil. Therefore, the amount of refrigerant requires a higher degree of cleanliness inside the compressor. Also using R134a refrigeration mineral oil is insoluble.

Therefore, the amount of R134a refrigerant requires higher cleanliness inside the compressor. Freezer at the same time using R134a refrigerant fluorine-free also must use ester or new synthetic oil polyol lubricant. r134a is corrosive to metal parts, for this reason fluorine-free machine compressor internal parts surface are made special treatment. And the standard boiling point, freezing point and latent heat of vaporization of R134a are higher, and its refrigeration capacity is lower than that of R12 refrigerant by about 10%. At present, there is still an important maintenance guarantee problem in the use and promotion of fluorine-free cabinets. Due to the reason of market lag, not only the special refrigerant, refrigerating oil, lubricating oil, filter drier and compressor parts are less and expensive, but also the maintenance equipment and process requirements of fluorine-free are very high.

Fluorine-free machine with R134a refrigeration has high requirements for oil, water and impurities in the system pipeline, which is its inherent weakness. At the same time, its requirements for special sealing materials, drying treatment and maintenance tools are also difficult for the technical equipment of ding general maintenance stores to be competent. It is undeniable that R134a refrigerant is still a relatively ideal substitute at present, but in the near future, it will definitely be developed on the basis of it, which is not only harmless, but also has no negative impact and adapts to the full range of alternative refrigerants, and is widely used in green cabinets.

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