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The Development of Frozen Food Ignited the Demand for Refrigeration Equipment

The Development of Frozen Food Ignited the Demand for Refrigeration Equipment

It is reported that with the increase in the number of hotels, restaurants, takeout, vending machines, and gas stations, the demand for refrigeration equipment is constantly growing.

It is understood that refrigerated/frozen display cabinets are indispensable equipment in food sales. Based on this, the global demand for new products and technologies of commercial refrigerator and freezer is also growing to achieve the goals of improving food safety and quality, energy conservation, and environmental protection. New technology in the showcase will improve product visibility, reduce energy costs, improve food freshness, and reduce dehydration. According to the survey, the core technology of refrigeration equipment is also constantly developing. For example, the use of LED lighting systems in the display cabinets and the use of chips in compressors have received great attention.

The global commercial refrigeration industry is also divided into a variety of products according to different application ranges. It is understood that refrigeration equipment for food and beverage retail will still be the main profit point of the end market, including frozen food. Refrigerated/frozen display cabinets and mobile refrigerators account for 45% of the global market for commercial refrigeration equipment. However, the installation scale of new equipment will be reduced, mainly due to the generation of alternative equipment. The natural loss of refrigeration equipment and the launch of new products will focus on energy efficiency, which will promote the development of the industry to modernization.

In order to survive in a difficult and turbulent economic environment, avoid price wars, and generate more profits, commercial refrigeration manufacturers are constantly looking for more efficient solutions. New industry standards have been established for improvements in compressors, coils, and airflow. At the same time, the use of corresponding environmental laws and regulations promotes the industry to develop towards a more environmentally friendly, more energy-saving, and emission reduction direction.

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