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The difference between a vertical freezer and a horizontal freezer

The difference between a vertical freezer and a horizontal freezer

Refrigerating power is an important technical indicator for measuring refrigeration equipment. Since the uses of commercial refrigerators are different, the performance requirements are also differentiated. Before buying a freezer, we need to know clearly what we are using to store the freezer, so that we can use the equipment more effectively.

At present, there are many types of food cold processing. According to the temperature range of processing, the food cooled by the freezer generally includes cold food, frozen food, slightly frozen food and cold food. In actual use, the appropriate cold storage temperature range can be selected according to the type, nature, storage period, use, etc. of the food.


1. Cool food

The upper limit of the temperature for cooling food is 15°C, and the lower limit is 0-4°C. In this temperature range, the juice in the food does not freeze. For animal foods, the lower the temperature, the longer the storage period; for plant foods, the temperature must be above the chilling temperature, otherwise it will cause chilling damage to the food, leading to premature aging or death.

2. Frozen food

(1) The product temperature of frozen food is generally below -1°C, but only when it reaches below -18°C can the degradation of food quality be effectively suppressed. In this temperature range, frozen food generally conforms to the T-IT concept, that is, the lower the temperature of the food, the better the quality and the longer the shelf life.

(2) In recent years, there has been a downward trend in the temperature of frozen food in the world, especially for some aquatic products with higher economic value, the temperature is generally kept at 30°C. The tuna used as sashimi in Japan uses a storage temperature of -55°C or even -70°C in order to maintain its color for a long time and prevent oxidation.

3. Micro-frozen food

Micro-frozen foods were also called semi-frozen foods in my country before, but in recent years they have basically been collectively referred to as micro-frozen foods. Micro-freezing is a fresh-keeping method that reduces the temperature of food to 2 -3°C below its freezing point and stores it at this temperature. Compared with the cooling processing method, the fresh-keeping period of the micro-frozen food is 1.5-2 times that of the cooled food.

4. The difference between vertical freezer and horizontal freezer

(1) Many users are dazzled by the variety of freezer models when choosing a freezer. The function is different, the model is different, the appearance is different, there are vertical glass door freezer and horizontal, how to choose?

(2) When choosing a refrigerator, in addition to function, appearance is also a major element that needs to be considered. The difference of the environment greatly restricts the placement of the freezer. In fact, there is no big difference between vertical and horizontal refrigerators in essence, but they have different advantages in different use environments.

5. Convenience

When storing food in a horizontal freezer, it is easy to pile up. It is not as convenient as a vertical freezer. However, the upward opening door of the horizontal freezer can reduce the loss of cold capacity and the structure is simpler than that of the vertical freezer.

6. Appearance display

 (1) In terms of appearance, the vertical freezer can be seen directly inside the cabinet, saving space. The horizontal display effect of the horizontal freezer is better, and the products can be seen at a glance. This feature is very popular in major shopping malls and supermarkets.

(2) We have to be clear about which aspect the store actually focuses on, not unilaterally emphasizing that the greater the freezing power, the better, or the more functions the better. Therefore, when we buy a freezer, we must base ourselves on our own needs, comprehensively consider many factors, and do not one-sidedly emphasize a certain aspect of the function and lose sight of the other.

7. After-sales service

No matter how good a freezer is, there are times when it is repaired. Therefore, in addition to choosing a reliable freezer, good after-sales service is also something that customers need to consider when purchasing a freezer. We have to weigh the degree of after-sales service of the manufacturer from the product warranty period, maintenance cost, maintenance rate and other factors.

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