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The difference between air-cooled and direct-cooled refrigerators?

The difference between air-cooled and direct-cooled refrigerators?

Does the frost-free freezer bring people away from the trouble of defrosting?

In fact, the advantages of frost-free refrigerators are far more than this, there are many other advantages, for you to analyze its advantages!

What is the difference between an air-cooled freezer and a direct-cooled freezer? To put it briefly: the air-cooled freezer has a fan, which automatically defrosts and does not freeze. Direct cooling freezer, no fan, icing, manual defrosting.

Direct cooling freezer

Direct cooling freezer type: also known as air-conditioning natural convection type. The refrigerator compartment has an evaporator, and the size of the evaporator is reasonably matched according to the size and temperature requirements of the compartment. The cooling method is to cool the food through the natural convection of cold air.

Air-cooled freezer

Air-cooled freezer type: It is equipped with a fin evaporator and a set of air duct circulation components. The fan motor circulates the air in the box cooled by the evaporator up and down to achieve the purpose of refrigeration. Since it is a cold air flow, it will not cause frosting by absorbing water from the stored food. Therefore, the air-cooled freezer type is also called the frost-free type. In fact, the frost-free type means that there is no frost on the surface of the inner wall, and the surface of the evaporator is still frosted, but it does not need to be manually defrosted but is automatically defrosted.

1) Automatic defrost

Since the evaporator of the freezer is not in direct contact with the food, the evaporator can be heated for a short time through the heating system, and the refrigeration will be restored immediately after defrosting. The temperature fluctuation in the freezer is very small, which is convenient and does not affect the quality of food refrigeration.

2) Clean and refreshing

The interior of the frost-free freezer is clean and fresh, and its cold air system will take away the excess water in the box during the cooling process, so there will be no frost, and the food will not freeze together when it is frozen. In addition, the continuously circulating cold air is filtered by the deodorizing system to keep the odor in the freezer fresh for a long time, greatly reducing the phenomenon of mutual odor between foods.

3) Uniform cooling

The cold air system refrigeration is like installing an air conditioner in a freezer, the cold flow enters all the holes, and the temperature in the freezer is stable and uniform. The direct freezer is directly cooled by natural convection, just like putting a piece of ice in the freezer, the food near the evaporator will be very cold, and in some places far away from the evaporator, it is easy to form freezing dead spots and spoil the food.

4) Accurate temperature

The temperature of the frost-free freezer is uniform, the temperature of the temperature control point is the temperature at any point, and the temperature in the freezer is very accurate. However, due to the presence of dead corners in the direct-cooling freezer, the temperature of the temperature control point is often a few degrees different from the actual temperature, which affects the quality of food preservation.

Due to different cooling methods, direct cooling freezers and air-cooled freezers have different main performance indicators: direct cooling freezer type has low power consumption, low noise, low price, and preservation of refrigerated food; slow speed, poor temperature uniformity, manual removal Frost.

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