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The difference between air-cooled chiller and direct-cooled chiller?

The difference between air-cooled chiller and direct-cooled chiller?

Direct cooler type: also known as natural convection type of cold air. There is an evaporator in the refrigerating room, and the size of the evaporator is reasonably matched according to the size of the room and the temperature requirement. The cooling method is through the natural convection of cold air to cool the food.

Air-cooled cooler type: A finned evaporator and a set of air duct circulation components are installed inside. Fan motor will be cooled through the evaporator to form the air inside the box up and down circulation, to achieve the purpose of cooling. Because the air blown into the cold airflow, will not lead to the absorption of water from the stored food and frost. So the air-cooled freezer type is also called frost-free, in fact, no frost is only the inner wall surface without frost, the evaporator surface is still frost, but without manual defrost but automatic defrost.

Direct cold cabinet and air-cooled freezer due to different ways of refrigeration, the main performance indicators also exist in large differences.

Direct cold cabinet type power consumption, low noise, low price, refrigerated food preservation; slow speed, temperature uniformity is poor, manual defrost. 

Air-cooled freezer type freezing speed, no frost, food preservation, temperature uniformity is good; but power consumption, high noise, high prices.

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