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The difference between commercial kitchen equipment and home kitchen equipment

The difference between commercial kitchen equipment and home kitchen equipment

A kitchen is something that every family needs. Food needs to be operated by kitchen equipment itself. But there are always times when you go out to eat, so what is the commercial kitchen equipment out there? What is the difference between kitchen equipment and home kitchen equipment?

Kitchen equipment stove class.

Kitchen equipment commonly used is the stove, mainly including gas stove, induction stove, large boiler, small frying stove, clay pot stove, cooking noodle stove, steamer, steam cabinet, etc.. These devices are common. The frequency of use is high, and you need to choose something of better quality when buying.

Kitchen equipment also has a relatively high use rate of equipment, that is, handling processing equipment. It mainly includes pasta machine, bun machine, noodle press, bone sawing machine, multifunctional vegetable cutter, meat mincer, mutton slicer, mixer and so on. These are the helpers for processing. With these equipment, the kitchen can improve a lot of efficiency.

Kitchen equipment cleaning and disinfection.

After eating food, you must clean it. Here we are going to talk about some cleaning and sanitizing equipment in the kitchen. It mainly includes dishwashers, cup washers, sterilizers, fruit and vegetable washers, sinks, showers and their various consoles, which mainly play the role of cleaning and disinfection, so that we can use and eat food with confidence.

Kitchen equipment storage class.

Storage equipment is the storage of items or storage of items of machinery and equipment. It mainly includes refrigerators, freezers and refrigerators that require low-temperature storage. There are also rice and noodle cabinets, flat shelves, etc. , are stored semi-finished products, seasonings, raw materials, etc..

One, the use of different scenarios.

Commercial kitchen equipment can be used in places such as restaurants, hotels, government units, school canteens, etc., while the home kitchen mainly exists in independent homes for family gatherings.

The number of diners is different:

Commercial kitchen equipment can accommodate a total number of meals ranging from tens to hundreds of people, while the total number of meals in a home kitchen is only 20 people. So you can tell the difference just by the number of people eating.

Different service facilities.

Due to the different use of the site, the number of people dining different, in the selection of functions, kitchen occupancy area, the selected kitchen equipment, construction location and other kitchen facilities will naturally have some differences.

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