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The difference between commercial kitchen equipment and household kitchen equipment

The difference between commercial kitchen equipment and household kitchen equipment

The kitchen is what every family needs. After all, people rely on food, and food needs to be handled by kitchen equipment. But there are always times to eat out, so what are the commercial kitchen equipment outside? What is the difference with our kitchen equipment?

Kitchen equipment stove class.

Stoves are commonly used in kitchen equipment, which mainly include gas stoves, induction cookers, large boilers, small frying stoves, ceramic pot stoves, pasta cookers, steamers, steam cabinets, etc. These devices are common. The frequency of use is high, and you need to choose some better quality when buying.

Kitchen equipment also has relatively high utilization rate equipment, namely processing equipment. Mainly include dough mixer, bun machine, noodle pressing machine, bone saw machine, multi-function vegetable cutter, meat mincer, lamb slicer, mixer, etc. These are all helpers for processing. With these equipment, the kitchen can improve a lot of efficiency.

Cleaning and disinfection of kitchen equipment.

After eating the food, you must clean it. Next we are going to talk about some cleaning and disinfection equipment in the kitchen. It mainly includes dishwasher, glass washing machine, disinfection cabinet, fruit and vegetable washing machine, sink, shower and various consoles, which mainly play a role in cleaning and disinfection, so that we can use and eat food with confidence.

Kitchen equipment storage category.

Storage equipment is a mechanical device for storing items or storing items. Mainly include refrigerators, refrigerators and refrigerators that require low-temperature storage. There are also rice noodle counters, flat shelves and so on. , Are storing semi-finished products, seasonings, raw materials, etc.

One, the usage scenarios are different:

Commercial kitchen equipment can generally be used in restaurants, hotels, government units, school canteens, etc., while family kitchens mainly exist in independent households and are used for family gatherings.

The number of diners is different:

The total number of meals that can be accommodated by commercial kitchen equipment ranges from dozens to hundreds of people, while the total number of meals for family kitchens is only 20 people. Therefore, the difference between the two can be known from the number of meals alone.

Different service facilities.

Due to the different venues used and the number of people to eat, there will naturally be certain differences in the selection of functions, the area occupied by the kitchen, the selected kitchen equipment, the construction location and other kitchen facilities.

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