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The difference between direct-cooled and air-cooled freshness refrigerator

The difference between direct-cooled and air-cooled freshness refrigerator

1. You can choose according to the volume, if you want to buy a large volume, more rooms between the multi-door cooler, then air-cooled in the distribution of cold volume has absolute advantages. If the use of direct cooling will have technical obstacles, it is not easy to achieve.

2. Air-cooled cooler is sent through the fan, so the supermarket cooler indoor temperature is more uniform, there is not much temperature change, the cooling effect is better, but due to the role of the fan and complex wiring design, so in energy consumption and noise than straight cooling to high.

3. Direct cooling because there is no electric fan, so there will be no additional noise and power consumption, but also not in the food surface due to the drying phenomenon caused by blowing wind.

4. General sales staff will talk about air-cooled freezers can be automated frost, as for the principle of frosting before our article has said, air-cooled freezers constantly bring the cabinet moisture to the evaporator, frosting and then flow away, bringing the cabinet dry consumption, is not conducive to preservation, which is also the inherent disadvantage of air-cooled.

5. straight cold manual frosting is really troublesome, generally will use micro-frost design to reduce the frosting of the cooler, but if the more times to open the door, then the more times to defrost. Two kinds of refrigeration methods have advantages and disadvantages, you can choose according to their own needs.

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