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The difference between refrigerator and fresh refrigerator

The difference between refrigerator and fresh refrigerator

Many people are concerned about the difference between refrigerated refrigerators and fresh refrigerators, and often do not know which is more suitable when buying and selling.

Refrigerated refrigerator is one of the fresh refrigerator

That is, the market sales of refrigerated refrigerators are considered a kind of fresh refrigerator, fresh cabinet can be subdivided into refrigerated fresh refrigerator, frozen fresh refrigerator and other types of fresh refrigerator, the difference between these three is mainly reflected in the type of fresh goods needed different, the temperature and refrigeration methods will also change.

The common fresh refrigerator in the market

General convenience store with the fresh refrigerator is mainly beverage display cabinet, vertical glass door of the kind in the convenience store with more. Supermarkets and fruit stores use more air curtain cabinet, open relatively more power consumption, you can choose the style with the door.

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