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The display skills of vertical freezer display cabinet

The display skills of vertical freezer display cabinet

1, the freezer should be placed in the appropriate location freezer goods facing consumers, so it is recommended that the display freezer placed in a more obvious place, generally the door is directly opposite, which will help make the freezer get the maximum perspective, enhance the display effect.

2、Crowd flow arrangement Good crowd flow arrangement cooler best attract consumers' eyes, paste the right guide signs can guide consumers to buy and purchase drinks correctly, and improve the business ability of the store.

3, popular goods in the most conspicuous place Aucma editorial finishing display should have a center, a focus. The focal point of the display cooler can attract attention. The focal point should be selected to serve the purpose of the display, usually special products, new products, the most important products or products that are valued. Through the location, arrangement, lighting and other means to highlight the key exhibits.

4、Keep it simple and comfortable Generally people can only receive limited information in an instant. Viewers walking in a hurry, if you can not get clear information in an instant, will not be interested. In addition, the complexities of frozen display cabinets also tend to reduce the efficiency of personnel. Exhibits to choose a representative display, must have a choice, must have to give up. Simplicity and clarity are the best way to attract the audience. Photos, diagrams and text should be clear and concise. Design decorations that are not relevant to the objectives and content of the exhibit should be kept to a minimum.

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