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The Heat-dissipating Method of the Under Counter Fridge

The Heat-dissipating Method of the Under Counter Fridge

When we are talking about the under counter fridge, the first problem we need to solve is the heat dissipation of the fridge, there are cabinet boards on both sides of the specialized under counter fridge, so that its way of heat dissipation is different from the ordinary fridge's. The ordinary fridge dissipates heat in two sides or after the body box, while the under counter fridge does in the ground, roof or back of the machine. Because heat-dissipating methods are different, when the cabinet is designed, there should not be a backboard in the place reserved for the fridge, otherwise it will affect the heat dissipation of the fridge. And when we install new under counter fridge, we need to leave space at the top and bottom for heat dissipation.

How does the under counter fridge dissipate heat?

1. Dissipate heat at the top or bottom

When we buy the under counter fridge, we should choose to buy professional ones first. Whether the commercial under counter fridge or the household fridge, the heat dissipation is concentrated on the back or bottom. Ventilation openings are needed in the bottom and top of the cabinet and skirting lines so as to form circulating ventilation and natural heat dissipation.

2. The cabinet backboard behind the fridge had better not be installed, so that you can increase the heat-dissipating space on the back of the fridge. What's more, the temperature inside the fridge is also conducive to volatilization, and good environment for ventilation and heat dissipation is conducive to the energy-saving operation of the fridge.

3. Keep the distance between the fridge and the sink and gas stove

The fridge belongs to the electric equipment, and safety concerns should be taken into account when designing. The suggested distance between the fridge and the sink and gas stove is above one meter. And in terms of the layout, the fridge in the sideboard cabinet should be designed to put in the end of the cabinet's extension. It is suggested to consider the built-in fridge in the small kitchen. The fridge with a storage function of refrigerating and freezing can also be contained on the material table of only 1.2 meters.

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