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The Introduction to Two Door Freezer

The Introduction to Two Door Freezer

Two door freezer is a kind of low-temperature refrigeration equipment to achieve deep freezing effect. It is usually called freezer, refrigerator, etc. The freezer has many applications. From the food industry to the medical industry and so on, the double door commercial freezer can be widely used. According to the different use environment and use effect requirements, the refrigeration space of the freezer ranges from - 45 ℃ to 0 ℃, and each freezer has its own range.

1. Principle of two door freezer

Similar to the principle of air conditioners, double door commercial freezer uses compressors to compress gaseous Freon into high temperature and high pressure gaseous Freon. Then it is sent to the condenser, and it becomes a liquid Freon at room temperature and high pressure after the heat is dissipated, so hot air is blown out from the condenser.

Then it goes to the capillary tube and enters the evaporator. As the space of Freon from the capillary tube to the evaporator suddenly increases and the pressure decreases, the liquid Freon will vaporize and become a gaseous low-temperature Freon, so as to absorb a lot of heat, and the evaporator will become cold. Using refrigeration or air cooling, the temperature in the room (box) can be reduced.

2. Cleaning of two door freezer

The 2 door counter fridge must be cleaned and disinfected regularly. 

In this way, you can ensure the high quality of the ice cream and follow the hygiene standards. Clean the machine with clean water after cleaning, and disinfect the drinking water regularly. The fat in ice cream is a breeding ground for fungi and bacteria. In order to avoid contamination, the parts in contact with ice cream ingredients must be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected. Stainless steel, plastic, rubber components, these components are designed to help clean, but not completely prevent mold and bacterial formation.

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