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The Maintenance, Cleaning and Preservation of the Under Counter Fridge Freezer

The Maintenance, Cleaning and Preservation of the Under Counter Fridge Freezer

This article will introduce the maintenance, cleaning and preservation of the under counter fridge freezer and matters needing attention.

1. The defrost method for the fridge

(1) The frequency of the defrosting

The directly cold type fridge is usually defrosted for about every half a year, and the air-cooled/mixed cold type fridges do not need manual defrosting.

(2) The defrost methods

i. Switch off the power supply

ii. Open the door of freezing chamber and let the frost layer melt naturally.

(Note: Clean the defrosting water in time to avoid overflow; If you need to speed up the frost, you can also use electric fans to blow the ice; Shovels are strictly prohibited so as to avoid damage to the refrigeration pipeline.

iii. After the frost has completely melted, dry the freezing chamber with a dry towel, and then power on the fridge again.

( Tips: If there is food in the freezing chamber before defrosting, it is recommended to put it in the refrigerating chamber temporarily. This will not only help keep the food fresh in the refrigerating chamber, but also slow the thawing of the food.)

2. The cleaning method of the seals in the fridge door

Step 1
First unplug the power supply of the fridge, and take down the door body accessories.

Step 2
With a warm wet towel, clean the surface and gap of the door seals

Step 3
Check the sealing condition of the door sealing ring and adjust it by pressing appropriately.

Step 4
Install the accessories on the door and power on the machine again.

(Tips: Do not use cleaning products with an abraser (such as toothpaste), acidic solvents, chemical solvents (such as alcohol), or cleaners containing polish.)

3. The cleaning method of the fridge liner

First unplug the power supply of the under counter fridge freezer, and transfer the contents and accessories in the body box. Clean and dry accessories. With a towel dipped in warm water to scrub the fridge, and you can also use a mild neutral cleaner to assist cleaning. After cleaning, wipe cleanly the detergent with a wet towel, and then dry the remaining water on the liner with a dry towel. Open the door and let it sit for more than 30 minutes for ventilation. Install the accessories back into the body box, power on the machine, and put the food into the body box after running for 30 minutes.

4. The dredge method of the drain hole of the fridge

(1) First unplug the power supply of the under counter fridge freezer and let it stand for 30 minutes after opening the door.
(2) Prepare a plastic hose (you can also use a discarded charging cable or a network cable) with a length of more than 1 meter (diameter is around 8 mm).
(3) Insert the hose into the drain hole for dredging (about 1 meter deep) and then pull out the hose.
(4) Pour 200 ml of clean water to check whether it has been dredged.

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