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The Most Energy-efficient Use of Commercial Stand Up Refrigerator

The Most Energy-efficient Use of Commercial Stand Up Refrigerator

1. Commercial stand up refrigerators should avoid long-term sunlight exposure

Try to put the stand up refrigerators in a shady place to avoid direct sunlight. Because every 5 ℃ increase in the temperature around the refrigerator will increase its internal power consumption by 25%.

2. Pay attention to the food placement in the commercial stand up refrigerators

A gap of about 10 mm should be left between the food and the box wall, and each food in the commercial stand up refrigerator. The middle layer of the refrigerator should not be too full. It should be conducive to the circulation of cold air, saving electricity and keeping food fresh.

3. Minimize the opening times of commercial stand up refrigerators

Try to reduce and shorten the opening time and times. Before you open the refrigerator, think about what you need to take and what else you need to put in, then do it all at once. Because every time the refrigerator is opened, the temperature in the commercial refrigeration equipment box will be restored, and the compressor needs to work.

4. Precautions for commercial stand up refrigerators after power failure

It takes a long time for commercial stand up refrigerators to restart after power failure in hot summer. You can use plastic bags with small capacity to freeze some water into ice and keep it in the freezer all the time, so that the temperature in the refrigerator will not rise too fast when the power is off.

5. The best time to make cold drinks is at night

The low temperature at night is conducive to the heat dissipation of the condenser. So if you want to freeze ice or make cold drinks, it's best to make them at night.

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