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The placement rules of vegetables in the fresh display refrigerator

The placement rules of vegetables in the fresh display refrigerator

The skills of fruits and vegetables on supermarket shelves reflect the professionalism of a supermarket's fresh produce, mainly to make it easy for consumers to see, understand, and shop for, thus making it easy to buy and boosting sales. How to use the characteristics of fresh produce to show the freshness and freshness, so as to arouse customers' desire to buy. Depending on the seasonality of fresh produce, we can attract and create crowds to increase sales.

Generally, vegetables should be washed and dried before storage, put into plastic bags, and tighten the bags. Put the processed vegetables into the freezer at 0-10℃.

Milk storage: milk in the refrigerator storage, at a temperature of 0-2 ℃, can be stored 1-2 days and nights. Disinfected milk can be stored at 2℃ for 5-6 days. Do not store milk in the freezer. Because the quality and nutritional value of frozen milk will be seriously affected

Poultry storage must be removed before the gut, wash and dry to drain the blood, sprinkle a small amount of fine salt, generally the whole storage is appropriate, and finally the poultry into a plastic bag tied tightly, into the freezer at about 0 ℃ can be stored 1-2 days; into less than -18 ℃ freezer can be stored for about two months.

  Supermarket shelves on the placement of goods to have a regular, can not be placed everywhere, with a certain degree of regularity is easy to manage, but also easy for customers to choose. Good management of supermarket shelves can promote the sales of products. There is no certain rule for the placement of fresh products, to actually go to the creative design, the following aspects can be referred to: 1.

1, the supermarket shelves on the product priority fresh, rich, clean, clean and sanitary. According to the category of goods classification display (for example: vegetable leaves, roots and so on) so that customers can easily identify the purchase, presenting a sense of momentum and movement. When displaying, according to the color of the goods, reconciliation, contrast or symmetric display (such as red apples and red Fuji interspersed with green green apples), which will present a sense of birth fresh beauty, comfort. 2.

2, supermarket shelves on the product placement must require stable, not easy to fall off (such as melons and fruits), otherwise easy to cause loss, and customers are afraid to go shopping, reduce the purchase, reduce sales. With the planning with artwork POP arrangement with the display, can create a lively and vivid atmosphere to enhance customer attention, and then enhance the desire to buy. To maintain freshness, the first-in, first-out principle must be adopted, but attention must be paid to quality and shelf life.

3. the placement of vegetable products vegetables low price and low profit, but the customer needs, vegetable products to be managed by a person to maintain the freshness of leafy vegetables; on the other hand, not concentrated sales, but the use of expanding the amount of methods; and then the combination of sorted packaging and bulk.

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