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The preservation cabinet locks the best nutrition of honey!

The preservation cabinet locks the best nutrition of honey!

Does honey have a shelf life and can it be eaten after a long time? The nutritional value of honey is still very high. But food basically has a shelf life, once it is stored for too long, will it affect the quality of honey. First of all, honey preservation is different. Generally speaking, honey has no shelf life. Of course, this condition means that the purity of honey is relatively high. Previously, media reported that the archaeological team found a jar of honey three thousand years ago in the pyramid, which is well preserved and edible.

Although honey has no shelf life, in recent years, the country has also attached great importance to food safety, and relevant departments have implemented control ten years ago. Manufacturers are required to indicate on the product packaging that the shelf life is two years or 18 months. It is implemented according to the GB18796-2005 standard. If honey crystals appear, don't panic. It's normal and you can use it.

Now that food requirements are increasing, keeping honey fresh is not difficult. BESTTOP fresh-keeping cabinet adopts high-efficiency refrigeration, cold air circulation in the cabinet, refrigeration and preservation, which are more beneficial to the storage of honey. Low-temperature preservation is the best way to preserve food.

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