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The role of kitchen stainless steel freezer in frozen food

The role of kitchen stainless steel freezer in frozen food

The freezer is generally used for refrigerating food or freezing a large amount of food in the home. Then it is used in large places such as supermarkets, hotels and so on. How does it realize the freezing function? In our understanding of daily life, such meats as cattle, sheep, pigs, chickens, ducks, goose, etc., need to be frozen in a freezer to ensure that the company’s main nutrient components are analyzed. Protein, fat, sugar, inorganic Salt and vitamins are not destroyed, which can ensure a fresh cultural level. It is composed of muscle tissue, adipose tissue, connective tissue and bone tissue. Livestock and poultry become lifeless after slaughter, lose resistance to external microbial invasion, and undergo a series of biochemical reactions such as degradation. There are four stages: stiffness, softening and maturation, autolysis and rancidity. Refrigeration is an ancient traditional method of preserving perishable goods. Due to enzyme decomposition, oxidation and the growth and reproduction of microorganisms, the commodity loses its use value. The freezing of the freezer can deactivate enzymes, slow down oxidation, inhibit the growth and reproduction of microorganisms, and put the product in a dormant state. The product can still maintain the original quality and consumption after several weeks or even months of production.

Secondly, I think that ice cream this summer is a food with high nutritional value that people can use to cool and relieve heat, satisfy hunger and quench thirst, and contain a lot of fat, protein, carbohydrates, minerals and vitamins. Low-temperature sterilization technology operation in production, clean transportation, system setting and complete packaging in the low temperature environment of the freezer ensure that our ice cream is one of the safest food companies in the market. The delicate organization structure of the ice cream industry is a very important work standard for sensory teaching evaluation, and its main development depends on the size, shape and distribution of its ice crystals. The smaller the ice crystals, the more even the distribution and the better the taste. In addition to processing, effective management methods to control the size of ice crystals at low temperatures and ensure product quality are required during the freezing process. Ice cream packaging design materials include waxed paper, cartons and plastic buckets. The outer packaging plays an important role in protecting society from damage and heat attack of Chinese ice cream. The ice cream market is usually transported by using a 20-foot freezer, the temperature should be set below -25°C, and any temperature fluctuations should be avoided.

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