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The role of refrigerated cabinet radiator

The role of refrigerated cabinet radiator

Refrigerators are composed of many important accessories, such as condensers, compressors, evaporators, radiators and other configurations to form refrigeration appliances. Today, the editor of Andre Freezer will explain the definition of radiator device in detail.

Heat will be generated around the door of the refrigerator.

In the process of using the refrigerator, we will find a very strange phenomenon. When the refrigerator is turned on, you will find that it is very hot when you touch the door seal of the cabinet with your hands. It turns out that this is a conscious design by the manufacturer. For this reason, since the inside of the refrigerator is very cold, "sweat" condensation will appear at the door when the outside temperature is high. Therefore, the designers all round the gas pipeline at the compressor outlet by the way, and use the heat of the pipeline to drive away the water droplets formed by condensation.

With the progress of the times and the development of technology, each refrigerator has a radiator, some are installed on the back of the refrigerator in a mesh shape, and the closed refrigerator is directly attached to the inner wall of the outer skin around the refrigerator. Above, if you can’t see the heat sink in the back, it must be the latter arrangement. After turning on the machine, we will feel that the outer skin of the refrigerator is heated. In particular, there is a "heating" device connected in series at the bottom of the refrigerator to evaporate the drain water flowing out of the cabinet as soon as possible.

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