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The Safety Matters and Scrap Disposal of the Under Counter Refrigerator Freezer

The Safety Matters and Scrap Disposal of the Under Counter Refrigerator Freezer

Basic safety precautions must be followed at all times when using any under counter refrigerator freezers, including:

● Children should be monitored to ensure that they do not play with electrical appliances.

● Children should not be allowed to clean and maintain this appliance unless they are supervised by an adult.

● Children over 8 years old and persons with physical, sensory or mental disorders or who lack empirical knowledge should not use this appliance unless they are supervised by an adult or explained to them the instructions and they are aware of the dangerous situations that may occur.

● When installing this appliance, follow the manufacturer's recommended electrical installation instructions and cabinet ventilation requirements.

● In order to avoid the hidden troubles caused by the unstable installation of the electrical appliance, it must be fixed according to the installation instructions.
● There should be no obstacles around the electrical appliances or in the under counter structure to keep the air circulating.
● Do not use machinery or other means to speed up the defrosting process. Only use items recommended by the manufacturer.

● Do not damage the refrigerant pipeline, especially that of the large under counter freezer.

● If the refrigerant piping is broken, open all windows for ventilation. Do not use electrical equipment or any other equipment next to electrical appliances that may produce electric arcs, sparks or flames. Contact local maintenance technicians who have received professional training and support immediately to deal with electrical repairs.

● It is dangerous for anyone other than authorized maintenance personnel to repair this electrical appliance.

Scrap disposal
● Special care should be taken to avoid hazards when disposing of old under counter refrigerator freezers.
● The flammable refrigerant must be released safely by a senior maintenance technician.
● Danger: Refrigerator doors and door panels must be removed, but shelves should be retained so that children cannot easily climb in.
● Please consult your local energy agency or read local regulations for the best way to dispose of old appliances.

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