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The Secret of Keeping Commercial Cool Refrigerators from Blockage

The Secret of Keeping Commercial Cool Refrigerators from Blockage

With the continuous improvement of life requirements, people have higher requirements for fresh food, so the demand for commercial cool refrigerators is also growing. Although commercial cool refrigerators have various advantages, it will still be a headache after a long time of use. The most disturbing problem should be the blockage of the scupper caused by the untimely discharge of water from frost.


The long-term blockage of the scupper will lead to the failure of the normal discharge of melted frost. The immersion pipeline corrodes the evaporation pipe and the anti-dew pipe respectively, thus after a long time, the pipeline is easy to be corroded and perforated, which will result in leakage. Commercial reach in fridge is likely to leak after using for a certain period of time. As a result, the refrigeration effect of the freezer becomes poor, the compressor does not stop, the condenser emits not enough or no heat, and the operating temperature of the compressor is too high.


All these problems will greatly reduce the refrigeration effect of commercial cool refrigerators. If the problems are not found in time, it will cause the goods to thaw and even food spoilage in the commercial cool refrigerator, what is more, it will seriously damage the service life of the commercial cool refrigerator. At the same time, the low refrigeration effect of the commercial refrigerator will increase power consumption and power loss.


In normal operation, there should be a uniform and thick frost layer on the surface of the evaporator of the commercial cool refrigerator. If there is no frost on the evaporator, or there is frost on the upper part but no frost on the lower part of the frost is uneven and virtual, it indicates that the refrigeration system of the commercial cool refrigerator is not functioning normally. If there is periodic frosting, it means that there is moisture in the refrigeration system and ice blockage may occur.


How to prevent commercial reach in fridge from blockage?

In the selection of commercial cool refrigerators, customers should pay attention to the refrigerators with large scupper, because it is easier to drain away water. At present, the scuppers of commercial cool refrigerators on the market are generally too small, and the blockage is easy to occur, which has a negative impact on food safety in the refrigerators.


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