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The structure and manufacturing process of the refrigerated display cabinet determine its overall quality

The structure and manufacturing process of the refrigerated display cabinet determine its overall quality

There is an integral angle steel frame support between the outer shell and the inner tank of the refrigerated display cabinet. Its function is equivalent to that there are steel bars placed in the cement prefabricated board, and the firmness is greatly increased.

After the door frame is completely welded and formed, the whole is foamed and formed at one time, which avoids the defect that the door frame is not firmly assembled and the cabinet door is easy to fall off. Nowadays, there are many kinds of food in the hypermarkets. There are also different requirements for the way, location, and visibility of food. Therefore, for supermarket refrigerated display cabinet product design manufacturers, how to respond to the needs of supermarkets for displaying different foods, and designing supermarket refrigerated display cabinets that meet these requirements presents a big issue.

Many small refrigerated display cabinet manufacturers do not use this frame and foaming method, because the process requirements are high, the foaming equipment and foaming agent are expensive, and the operation is difficult. Only formal and powerful refrigeration equipment companies can do this. The overall heat preservation effect of the display cabinet is good, the air-conditioning is not easy to leak, the power saving effect is very obvious, and the cooling system has a longer service life.

The structure of the refrigerated display cabinet is directly related to its service life. The integral steel frame has obvious advantages in one-time forming. In the past, for supermarkets, supermarket refrigerated display cabinet products were basically designed to achieve the refrigeration effect to meet the requirements of the merchants. Nowadays, a series of demand functions such as intelligent temperature control, movable, anti-fog, high transparency, easy display, high strength, temperature display, beautiful appearance, energy saving and power saving are all needed by supermarket businesses.

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