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The Upright Freezer Market Is Growing Rapidly, with Small and Medium Volume Segments as the Mainstream

The Upright Freezer Market Is Growing Rapidly, with Small and Medium Volume Segments as the Mainstream

Commercial upright freezers are often used in supermarkets, convenience stores, cake shops and other public places where food and beverages need to be displayed. In the past two years, due to its small area, flexible solvents and the popularization of separate storage concepts, upright freezers have also played an increasingly important role in consumers' home lives.

1. The commercial upright freezer market has grown rapidly, attracting attention from mothers and babies

Since the beginning of this year, due to the normalization of epidemic prevention and control, the offline market has developed slowly, and the online market has become a new battlefield for major manufacturers. Among all types of refrigerators, upright freezers have shown strong growth in both online and offline markets. In the online market, upright freezers have become the fastest growing category in the freezer category. In the offline market, upright freezers have become the only category with positive growth in the freezer category.

This is mainly due to the unprecedented improvement of consumers' health concepts under the influence of the epidemic. Especially the market segment represented by the mother and baby group has new requirements for food storage. During the epidemic, consumers are pursuing aseptic conditions, and the demand for storage and breast milk storage is increasing, the upright freezers will become the dark horse among freezer products and continue to maintain rapid growth.

2. Brand competition of commercial upright freezers has formed an oligopoly, with small and medium volume segments as the mainstream

In the face of the booming commercial upright freezer market, its brands have entered the competition and presented an oligopoly in the online and offline markets. The concentration of top brands is high, especially products that focus on mothers and babies are popular with consumers. During the epidemic, consumer demand was strong, and retail sales still achieved good year-on-year growth.

From the perspective of the product itself, the mainstream volume segment is concentrated in the 100-200L medium and small volume segment regardless of the online and offline markets.  The share of large volume segments above 300L in the online and offline markets has increased significantly. For the small-volume section below 100L, due to the small storage space, although the average price has declined, the practicality is not high, and it takes up space and is gradually eliminated by consumers.

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