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The use principle of the freezer in the fruit supermarket fresh-keeping cabinet

The use principle of the freezer in the fruit supermarket fresh-keeping cabinet

For the merchants of major fruit chain stores, the fruit fresh-keeping cabinet is very useful. The fruit supermarket fresh-keeping cabinet tells you that it can not only keep the fruit fresh for us, but also allow us to enjoy the freshness of the fruit while also making it convenient for customers to buy the fruit. If the fruits are placed well, the fruit supermarket fresh-keeping cabinets can increase the sales of our fruits while making it convenient for customers to buy. So what is the trick to the fruit placement in the fruit preservation cabinet?

The use principle of the freezer in the fruit supermarket fresh-keeping cabinet

Fruit supermarket fresh-keeping cabinets are equipped with night energy-saving link usb refrigerators, which are specially used at night and other non-business hours. Further save the price of electric energy mini refrigerator, reduce the cost of use. Options: curtains, shelf lighting, label holders, glass end plates and mirror end plates for selection; the surface of Zhanjiang fruit fresh-keeping cabinet is sprayed with antibacterial agent coatings, which can effectively control the reproduction of various bacteria. Convenience store freezer uses high-temperature curing powder spray, which has good corrosion resistance and impact resistance. Increase the design of the evaporator, the fruit supermarket fresh-keeping cabinet improves the heat exchange efficiency, so that the temperature in the cabinet cools faster, the temperature is lower, and it is more energy-saving. The incremental laminar flow optimizes the air curtain and is highly energy-efficient; Zhanjiang fruit fresh-keeping cabinet has advanced back blowing The refrigeration system, the cabinet temperature is uniform; the precise defrosting is automatically controlled, and the performance is stable; the natural air is used for defrosting, which reduces the power consumption.

The use principle of the freezer in the fruit supermarket fresh-keeping cabinet

The function of the fruit supermarket fresh-keeping cabinet:

1. When the food is stored, it is directly placed in the fresh-keeping cabinet without the cooling temperature being too high. The hot air contains more water, and more condensed water will be produced after cooling in the cabinet, and the condensed water should form faster Causes water to accumulate due to the discharge rate.

2. Too many times of opening the door, leading to a large amount of hot air entering, the hot air will be cold and condensed into water in the price of the fresh-keeping cabinet, the generation speed is much faster than the discharge.

3. The leaking hole on the back of the refrigerator is for draining the condensed water. If the drainage speed is poor, check whether the leaking hole is blocked. If it is blocked, cut off the power first, and then use a thin iron wire to dredge.

4. The water in the water receiving tray is full, and the overflow will cause accumulation of water on the ground around the fresh-keeping cabinet.

5. The water in the evaporator at the bottom of the fresh-keeping cabinet overflows and flows to the ground to produce water.

6. The water receiving tray or evaporator of the fresh-keeping cabinet is not placed correctly, and the deflection will cause the water to flow out.

7. The quality is relatively poor. Affected by low and high temperature, the drain pan and evaporator are aging and leaking.

8. The drain pipe of the fresh-keeping cabinet is blocked, and the defrosted water cannot flow into the drain pan or the evaporator.

9. Too much watery food is stored in the fresh-keeping cabinet.

The use principle of the freezer in the fruit supermarket fresh-keeping cabinet

We can often see all kinds of refrigerators in supermarkets, concessions and small restaurants. It is usually used to preserve those frozen foods and other foods. For refrigerators, a good way to preserve food what is it then?!

When storing food in the refrigerator, wrap two layers of plastic wrap or use a sealed bag to prevent air from entering. Although the refrigerator door has a small grid for storing eggs, do not put eggs here. They should be put in a cardboard box before refrigerating. Do not wash fresh produce before storage, store it in a plastic bag that allows air to enter, and eat it within a few days. The food is stored in the refrigerator in the refrigerator, and the leftover food should be placed in an airtight lunch box, and refrigerated after two hours of cooking, and eaten within 3-5 days. Wrap the raw meat in a plastic bag and place it on the bottom of the refrigerator to prevent the meat juice from contaminating other foods!

The food in the refrigerator is placed in a certain order, such as salad dressing, tahini, hoisin sauce and other opened foods, as well as cooked foods and desserts that can be directly put in the throat, should be placed in the fresh-keeping room. Put vegetables, fruits, and soy products in a fresh-keeping bag before putting them in. Frozen meat, fish, fish balls, dumplings, etc. need to be put in the freezer.

Usually don’t fill up the entire refrigerator, so it’s about 7 minutes full. You need to leave a certain amount of space to keep the air circulating. Usually the refrigerator is opened less frequently, and the opening time is shortened. , Do not put raw and cooked foods together in the refrigerator. Food should be sealed with fresh-keeping bags to avoid mixing of taste. Cooked foods should be put in fresh-keeping bags and placed in the fresh-keeping room, while raw foods should be placed in the freezer. All keep the original taste.

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