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The way to choose a beverage fridge

The way to choose a beverage fridge

Convenience store beverage cabinets in the streets and alleys are everywhere, beverage cabinets because it has a refrigeration and preservation of the function and by the consumer's favor, as the beverage cabinet cognitive not much consumers, then, how to buy beverage cabinets? How to buy beverage cabinets? The method of choosing beverage cabinets is actually very simple below we will share some knowledge about beverage cabinets, as well as to understand the key to the purchase of beverage cabinets.


First of all, we should carefully view the beverage cabinet body, beverage cabinet door to square, not skewed deformation, cabinet whether there is bruising, touch bad place, secondly, check the appearance of coating whether there are pockmarks, bubbles and scratches, whether there is a small area of coating off the phenomenon, in addition to pay attention to the shape color, paint film whether there is peeling and bright uneven phenomenon. Connected to the power supply, adjust the temperature, it is appropriate to adjust to the second gear, so that the active controller since the stop, since the open repeatedly, check whether the temperature control device is reliable and useful


Air-cooled method, the use of cool air cooling to complete refrigeration, refrigeration power is very high, fast, and uniform temperature dispersion, but the structure is more complex, so the cost is relatively high, generally applied to large-capacity beverage cabinets, straight cooling method, beverage cabinets using evaporator cooling, through the natural flow of beverage cabinet air for refrigeration, refrigeration speed and slower, but it consumes low power, low noise, freshness, good, durable, the


We are not unfamiliar with the beverage display cabinet, but the price of the beverage display cabinet is little concern, now the domestic brand in the beverage display cabinet, choose some effect is better, the quality of the beverage display cabinet also has a certain guarantee role in the purchase of beverage cabinet to consider the price elements, because the price is expensive does not mean that is the best. Look at the price is many customers will go to see, procurement should look at more than a few, compare, on this point will not talk about, trust everyone wants to get good value for money products, according to their own practical needs and their own affordability to buy and sell suitable for their own beverage cabinet.


Users in the purchase of beverage cabinets must be patient consultation, because the purchase of beverage coolers is to expect their business better and better, with peace of mind, do not take a kind of indifference, not according to their own practice arbitrary buy, buy and regret, should be combined with their own business methods, to understand the quality of the product, function, specifications, scope and price to choose the right beverage cabinet, must be considered in a comprehensive manner.

Beverage cabinet routine maintenance: the need for regular cleaning. Often clean the internal radiator, wash the time to unplug the power supply, and ballast, transformer, etc. with a plastic bag to avoid damage, cleaning after the end of the rest for about 15 minutes and then turn on the machine.

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