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Three Advantages of Cloud Ice Upright Freezer Give You a New Healthy Option!

Three Advantages of Cloud Ice Upright Freezer Give You a New Healthy Option!

Shrimp heads often turn black after freezing? Thawed pork tastes bad? Ice cream bars taste like pork in the freezer ? Many friends must have very strong feelings about these problems and have been deeply troubled by them. Don't worry, the Cloud Ice freezer is coming to rescue you!

Advantage One: Upright Freezer Can Be Installed Without Occupying Too Much Area

"Stand-up" Cloud Ice upright freezer takes up only one tile in the kitchen,and it can be used with the refrigerator together, 1+1 combination can solve the demand for fresh storage.Vertical refrigerating cabinet matrix products have many different sizes of a variety of styles, users can choose according to their actual needs.For example, single-door, double-door and three-door vertical refrigerator freezers.

Advantage Two: Subdivision in Space And Delicate in Storage

The internal space division of Cloud Ice upright freezer is more delicate, multilayer clapboard collocation transparent drawer can be used flexibly, all kinds of food materials are classified in special storage, the storage location is clear at a glance, not only easy to access, but also helps to avoid flavouring. It's the best way to keep fruits and vegetables in the kitchen.With innovative air flow design, perfect temperature consistency, it can ensure the freshness of food.

Advantage Three: Multiple Temperature Control

Cloud Ice commercial grade upright freezer has a variety of temperature modes for users to choose from. The precision digital thermostat can switch between freezing and refrigeration with one key, to meet the diverse storage needs of users, to achieve "one container multi-purpose" and provides all aspects of healthy fresh storage.

Hangzhou Cloud Ice Refrigeration Equipment Co., Ltd. has always on the perspective of all the users, to put forward more healthy fresh storage solutions, continue to meet the user's pursuit of a healthy diet and quality life, welcome to buy our products!

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