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Tips and Solutions for Commercial Freezers

Tips and Solutions for Commercial Freezers

BESTTOP collected some problems encountered by users in the process of using commercial refrigerators, such as how to use refrigerators correctly, how to maintain refrigerators correctly, and what to pay attention to when using commercial refrigerators. BESTTOP has sorted out some dry goods used in commercial refrigerators to share with you!


Matters needing attention before using the new freezer

The freezer is left to stand for two hours before being powered on; it must be energized and pre-cooled three hours before stocking, and the product can be put into the freezer when the temperature of the freezer drops below minus 18 degrees Celsius.

Daily maintenance

1) There is a good ventilation space around the freezer, and at the same time, avoid direct sunlight.

2) The operation of the freezer requires a stable voltage (187V-242V) and is equipped with a separate power socket.

3) The dust on the condensing fan and condenser should be cleaned up regularly.

No cooling at all

Check the following parts:

1) Whether the power plugs of refrigerators and freezers are not properly connected to the power sockets.

2) Whether the power socket has electricity.

3) Whether there is a power failure.

4) Whether the fuse and circuit breaker are disconnected.

5) Seek professional maintenance personnel to solve it.

Poor cooling

1) Whether the thermostat is adjusted too high.

2) Whether the food is stored too much or put in overheated food.

3) The door is opened frequently or the door is not tightly sealed.

4) Direct sunlight or heat sources near refrigerators and freezers.

5) Poor ventilation around.

The freezer smells

1) Whether the strong-smelling food is not properly wrapped.

2) Whether the refrigerator and freezer have not been cleaned for a long time.

Freezer food freezing

1) Whether the temperature of the refrigerator compartment is adjusted too low, please adjust the thermostat knob to the appropriate position.

2) Whether the surrounding temperature is below 5℃, increase the temperature.

3) Whether the food with high moisture is placed in the deep part of the shelf.

Noise investigation

1) Whether the ground is firm and flat.

2) Whether the refrigerator and freezer are placed in a stable manner.

3) Whether the back is close to the wall.

4) Whether it is in contact with items that are prone to vibration.

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