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True frost-free freezer: air-cooled frost-free 0.1 ℃ precise control of freshness

True frost-free freezer: air-cooled frost-free 0.1 ℃ precise control of freshness

BESTTOP frost-free freezer, intelligent air-cooled frost-free, 0.1 ℃ precise control of freshness, multi-dimensional circulation air supply, officially announced the arrival of the freezer "frost-free era", a perfect solution to the industry plagued by years of frost problems.

Bacteria can be divided into three categories: thermophilic bacteria, thermophilic bacteria and cryophilic bacteria according to the temperature needed for growth and reproduction, and the refrigeration temperature of the household refrigerator is within the temperature range where cryophilic bacteria can grow and reproduce. If the food put in the refrigerator is contaminated by lukophilic bacteria, then these bacteria will continue to multiply, once the food containing a large number of lukophilic bacteria, it may cause disease, the most common is colitis and so on.

Because refrigeration can not completely freeze bacteria, so the refrigerator can only relatively extend the shelf life of food, but not absolutely stop the microbial activity. Generally speaking, the refrigerator freezer temperature to be lower than 10 ℃, in this temperature microbial growth rate is very slow, but a long time, the food will still spoil. In addition, even if you put the refrigerator freezer, the current minimum is generally only about minus 25 ℃, but there are still some anti-freezing ability of bacteria will survive. Like Listeria, Yersinia and other cold-loving bacteria in low-temperature conditions can still grow and reproduce.

To the freezer, for example, we often find a thick white frost layer, these frost layers are very easy to breed bacteria, and become their active breeding ground. In addition, the accumulation of frost layer of the inner liner of the freezer also shortens the life of the compressor, reducing the effect of refrigeration and increasing the power consumption. Freezer frost has also become a lingering defect since the birth of the freezer, becoming a problem that has plagued users for many years.

"Each time to the store's frost freezer, the whole person is like to fall into the ice hole, like the hair dryer blowing, carrying frost, over and over again rub suck ..., each defrost without five or six hours can not get, can not the freezer automatically defrost?" This is the same complaint and problem of many users. There are many reasons for the frosting of the cooler, the door body is not closed or lack of fluorine will lead to frosting of the cooler. Ingredients in their own water evaporation, cold will also condense into frost. Boiled down to a point, the most fundamental reason for frost inside the freezer is actually the box body storage of food contains too much water is not timely excluded.

Say goodbye to frost, freezer really into the frost-free era

Around the reasons for the formation of frost in the freezer, BESTTOP freezer R & D team through the compound back to the wind system, wind curtain lock cold technology, strong multi-effect frost system and a number of technical innovations, launched a full air-cooled frost-free freezer, the perfect solution to the industry plagued by years of frost century problem of the freezer. Air-cooled frost-free freezer, through the vortex inverter fan, the formation of a multi-dimensional three-dimensional air-cooled cycle inside the box, the cold air quickly and evenly around, the temperature distribution more uniform, the freezer full frost-free operation. In addition, the design of the composite air duct basket not only facilitates the classification of ingredients stored, while avoiding blockage at the return air, to ensure that the circulation of cold air in the box unimpeded. Innovative "wind curtain lock cold" technology, after the professional precision air duct design, so that the cold wind in the upper layer of the freezer continuous circulation, the formation of a strong cold wind curtain, greatly reducing the opening and closing of the box door external air into the box and the loss of cold, lock cold, energy saving, more fresh.


Compared with traditional freezers, frost-free freezers make the distribution of cold air more uniform. Inside the box through the upper, middle and lower three layers of the arrangement, each layer is laid out 9 points tracking temperature detection, temperature uniformity than non-air-cooled cooler stronger, temperature uniformity and stability to improve 3 times, to avoid the loss of moisture caused by temperature fluctuations, to protect the freshness of the ingredients, to extend the shelf life of the ingredients

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