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Undercounter Commercial Refrigerator

Undercounter Commercial Refrigerator

The BESTTOP Undercounter Commercial Refrigerators are ideal for storages of premixes and prep material. They come with auto door close mechanisms and use food grade stainless steel that keeps food fresh, no matter what.

◆ European design style

◆ Built-in handle, durable

◆ Refrigerating and freezing, food material operation table function

ModelCooling typeClassificationCabinet DimensionsNet Volume   (liters)RefrigerantTemperature(℃)Power(W)

BESTTOP Undercounter Commercial Refrigerator can meet the various needs of the kitchen. It is designed for refrigeration or freezing, and can be operated on the Undercounter Chiller. The operation table and storage and preservation can solve the problem in one machine. Save the use space of our back kitchen.

Advantages of BESTTOP Undercounter Commercial Refrigerator

◆ The whole machine is made of high-quality stainless steel plates, which are easy to clean and corrosion resistant;

◆ The foaming technology of the whole machine isolates the heat, ensures that the heat in the cabinet does not lose, and effectively locks the air-conditioning;

◆ Microcomputer control system, multi-button design, simple operation;

◆ Air-cooled refrigeration, locks the original flavor of freshness and stable temperature control, creates a constant-temperature fresh-keeping warehouse, and tightly locks the nutrition and moisture of the ingredients.

◆ Adopt brand compressor, fast refrigeration, exquisite freshness preservation in cold storage space, freezing deep cold and quick freezing.

◆ Refrigeration temperature range: -5~+8℃

◆ Freezing temperature range: -22~-18℃


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