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Undercounter Cooler

Undercounter Cooler

BESTTOP's Undercounter chillers provide precise temperatures and are built aesthetically for heavy-duty use. Their durable doors, hinges and handles guarantee higher performance for a longer time, thus making them ideal for busy hotels and restaurants.

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Features of Undercounter Cooler

◆ The whole machine is made of high-quality stainless steel plates, which are easy to clean and corrosion resistant;

◆ The contents in the cabinet can be clearly seen while the tempered glass is insulated;

◆ The foaming technology of the whole machine isolates the heat, ensures that the heat in the cabinet does not lose, and effectively locks the air-conditioning;

◆ Microcomputer control system, multi-button design, simple operation;

◆ Adopt brand compressor, fast refrigeration, exquisite freshness preservation in cold storage space, freezing deep cold and quick freezing;

◆ Refrigeration temperature range: -5~+8℃

◆ Freezing temperature range: -22~-18℃

Repair & Maintenance of Undercounter Cooler


1. When placing the location, please pay attention to place it as far as possible away from the heat source or not exposed to direct sunlight, because the freezer itself needs to dissipate heat to the outside world. If the ambient temperature is too high, the freezer will be enlarged. The load capacity is greater, and the power consumption will be greater, which is not good for the freezer itself.

2. In the choice of location, it is also important to avoid places with high humidity as much as possible, because the material of the freezer itself is metal, if the humidity is too high, it is easy to rust and will damage the parts of the freezer.

3. When using the freezer, you must pay attention to choosing the power supply of the freezer. The general power supply is 220V and cannot be too large. Some of the freezer components cannot withstand higher voltage. In addition, the voltage should be as stable as possible, and there should be no too many fluctuations, otherwise it will affect the operation of the freezer, and it will be very troublesome for the later repair of the freezer. Before storing food, be sure to let the freezer empty for a period of time, and then put the food in, and when you need to pay attention, do not put too much food, try not to let the freezer work for a long time.


1. Things that need special attention, try not to let the freezer serve as a cooling device. Maybe in the summer, in order to lower the temperature in the home, many users will open the door of the refrigerator or freezer to let cold air into the room. This approach is very harmful to the freezer. This will overload the condenser and compressor, and it is easy to burn out the small parts in the freezer, which will seriously affect the service life of the freezer, and even if it is repairing the freezer It was also in vain, and it was basically scrapped.

2. Don't overheat the temperature of the compressor in summer, because we all know that because of the different environment, the temperature difference is relatively large. When a large amount of hot air flows into the freezer, it will cause frequent operation of the compressor. , It is easy to burn out the compressor.

3. Do not open the freezer door frequently to prevent the loss of air-conditioning.


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